Chapter 2 - Something's amiss .. something's wrong  

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2/26/2006 7:17 am

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Chapter 2 - Something's amiss .. something's wrong

Things hasn't been that bad for the past few days I would say. I must surely say that being a gold member sure does have its benefits. Not only does it allows me to send e-mails to the online peeps (too bad they didn't realise they're able to reply to me too) and due to the fact that I'm paying decent money for it, I've finally learned to explore the features of AdultFriendFinder as well!

Somehow, after going out on dates after dates with my colleagues, peers and also some really wonderful ladies from here, my over view of simply aqquintance has changed. I kinda look at people differently and I'm slowly leaning towards the realism. How do I exactly define realism? (let me go turn down the aircon first) ...

When you do feel cold, don't you sometimes wish for a hug to make you feel warm? After all, all you're seeking for is the warmth from the cold shattering place you're in, nothing beyond that. I guess its the same with getting to know people. The only reason why we often demand to ourselves why are we trying to hard to befriend someone online?

Cause we seldom get to touch our hearts and realise we're feeling cold somewhere. Either we find people who are feeling cold as well, to gather so that more people provides for more warmth, or that special magical person whom give you the magical touch, to spark the flame alive so as to tingle you with warmth at the thought of that someone.

Lust? Oh yea sure! Lust definitely can keep you warm. In fact, after making lust, I'll often hold my lady so tight, cause feeling her body against mine is the pleasure of the tingle that just makes your body and mind so fulfilled all over. Its been several days since I last had a marathon of sexual activities. I won't say I'm addicted to having sex, nor will I say I'm such an angel that I can go without it.

Sex is useless without the romance. No doubt lust does drive the sex, we've often forgotten that romance does contribute to better sex than lust. (Its been proven that romance does enhance the performance of your sexual lifestyle too! Scientifically!)

Been the devil for a while already. Time to put the devil to sleep and the angel out for a spree. Kharma like they say it, what goes around, comes around.

If I'm there to fill the lust for you, why aren't you too!?

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