The Mathmatics of Swinging (m+f) + (m+f)=?  

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7/18/2006 9:59 pm

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The Mathmatics of Swinging (m+f) + (m+f)=?

The Mathmatics of Swinging (m+f) + (m+f)=?

It dawned on me the other day while working on my V 12 Jaguar,
that swinging and this mechanical wonder have
much in common. Swinging has twelve cylinders as well.

Take the case of Ted, Carol, Bob and Alice.

Ted must be into his own girl Carol
Carol must be getting along with Ted
Bob the same with Alice, his own girl
Alice needs to be lusting for Bob
Ted must be attracted to Alice (that's an easy one!)
Alice must dig Ted
Carol needs to have the hots for Bob.
Bob must be into Carol's new implants
Ted must be cool watching Bob fuck his wife
Bob can't be getting jealous of Ted with his Alice
Alice must bond with Carol's lipstick collection
Carol needs to be attracted to Alice's new eye shadow

YES! 12 cylinders just like the ol Jag!
all must be in tune and firing correctly or this thing (situation)
will just clunk down the road.. making for an
uncomfortable and nervous situation.

Sound familiar?

Trying to solve the problem I WROTE the owners manual!

(the art of writing your own manual)

These would be my chapters!

Chapter one: Why do couples try to date?
Two: The dangers of dating.
Three: AdultFriendFinder verses swing clubs
Four: Attraction is a must
Five: How to say "no" to a couple
Six: Do we really need more "friends"?
Seven: Sex is everything!
Eight: How to win lovers and influence your partner
Nine: Undress for success
Ten: Deal makers, not deal breakers...
Eleven: Tips on avoiding the 12 deadly sins
Twelve: The orgy alternative

There is nothing like the rush of two couples
hitting on all 12 the smooth acceleration
of the tuned V 12, a perfect 10. One better than my
guitar amp... she goes to 11 too!

Don't suggest I turn in my Cat...she is the best!

Did this answer all your questions? LOL

sweetie I love you!

This was reposted by request for our blog.
Thanks for the suggestion!

TheCliticals 34F/F

7/18/2006 10:42 pm

We prefer ... (m + F) + ( m + F) = 2F + m + m

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