Pleasing: Part Deux  

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8/1/2006 2:22 pm

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Pleasing: Part Deux

Class, Class, Please Take your seats quickly
We don't have all day and still have a lot of material to cover...or uncover as the case may be
Please open your texts to the place we left off
Giggling will not be tolerated
What I have been trying to convey to you is this:
Women by a majority base their sexual desire on more than a physical response...arrouse us, really arrouse all of us
We are attracted to men that are attentive but not needy
and the little things do count
Now if all that is in place then it is down to an issue of two things
Start in an area other than our sex organs
Stroke our hair
Whisper in our ear
Gently massage our back
Kiss us on our back, neck, or shoulders
You have a much better chance with this approach
We want tenderness (most of the time...not all the time but most), thoughtfullness, Smoothness in your aproach to us
once we show we are receptive
We have strong desires too
We like tender ...yes...but you must remember
There is a reason so many women seek out
Women have been tradtionally taught that our base desires are wrong
That it is not something we should express

I bring up this point because it helps explain the reason why so many woman have fantasies about being taken, controlled and dominated in bed
It allows us to give in to our lust without owning the responsibility of it
It also clearly defines the roles

So in simplest terms let me say it like this
Work to find ways to initiate the process of arousal before the actual act of intercouse
Show tenderness in your approach
(Find out what she likes before you have far she feels comfortable)
Then once her arrousal is apparent
Don't be afraid of her or what she wants
We want to be bad girls too
(I know not all women want it kinky but for todays lesson we will concentrate on those that do)
(sometimes we like it rough)
Talk...tell her what you want and what you are going to do to her
Get Dirty...Talk dirty to her
Grab her...toss her on the bed...floor...table ...wherever
Bend her over
Spank her ass
Start at her neck
Then go to her shoulders
Bite her down her back
Take her from behind
Touch her in all the places she can be touched
More than one at a time is nice thank you
Tell her you want to take it
Show her your lust...your passion
Make her so excited that she can't catch her breath
Then remember to be gentle afterward
Be creative
Try different things
Dancing is a big turn on...two bodies in rythm... touching but not quite... the seduction of music and movement stirs the body
Try a little roll playing
Make an atmosphere that will be one she will appreciate...clean

I know this may seem like a lot of trouble but remember this
Women get bored with routine, selfish, sex
Men why do you think your girlfriends don't want to fuck as often as you?
It is not because we like or think of sex less often than you do
It is because we are unsatisfied and bored
You would find yourself having better more frequent sex if you put a little effort into it
Not every woman likes it rough and none of us want that all the time
Tune into her and find out what she secretly fantasizes about
When you are cuddling is a nice time
Let her know you want to really satisfy her
She will work harder to satisfy you
And don't just do it because she wants it
Show her that you are really turned on by what she wants
Class dismissed

BigCockAnalLove 56M  
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8/5/2006 5:14 pm

EXACTLY the way I like it!!

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