The Saga of Coventry: Part 1 Set Up and Introduction  

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The Saga of Coventry: Part 1 Set Up and Introduction

By the time I finished this, it was 6 typewritten pages. I'll try to keep each segment relatively brief...

This is being done differently from the rest of my posts. I usually just sit down and type. But I don’t know how long this will be, or how involved, so I’m composing it ahead of time, and will break it up into palatable chapters, trying to keep it in comfortably small amounts, so that you don’t have to swallow too much at a time.

This is a true story, retold to the best of my ability from interviews obtained about 35 years ago (which was ten to fifteen years after the incidents involved). I am, of course, missing a lot of information, but I believe that I have enough to retell the interesting parts of the story. A warning: this story doesn’t necessarily have a conclusion, just an ending….

The names have been changed to protect the guilty from embarrassment. Some of the participants have now died, and others have disappeared many years ago, but others remain who would be most upset to have any of this made public at all…

A few definitions:

Fans–members of science fiction fandom, a group that tended to consist of individuals brighter than most people, but who also tended to be socially or emotionally retarded in some ways. They had grown up introverted readers, and had never entirely learned how to deal with society. Fandom has developed as its own subculture, with a sense of alienation from the rest of society, which it refers to as “mundanes”

Fanzine–an amateur publication, written and distributed among science fiction fans

Krell–the alien race from the movie Forbidden Planet

Spindizzy–a vehicle for transporting large populations through space, based on the book Cities in Space, by James Blish

I also need to emphasize that the bulk of this narrative took place in the early sixties. The world then was different in many ways then it is now. Computers existed, but were only in the earliest stages of development. Little commercial use for them had been found yet, much less personal use. Computers would eventually change the entire face of fandom, because people who were only marginally employable would find a professional niche in the computer field, and instead of living in poverty, would become not only employable, but affluent.

There is another minor element which will briefly emerge. A substance about which only a little was known by only very few, but to those who watched for scientific advancements with an eye toward extrapolation of possibilities, anything could happen.

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