Sex Cams: the High Cost of Slavery, Part 3  

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5/1/2006 3:18 am

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Sex Cams: the High Cost of Slavery, Part 3

So, I've been getting these emails for quite a while, that say, "Hi, I saw your profile online and think you're hot. Come see me at msn IM and we can chat." I recently installed msn IM and haven't had a chance to use it, so I thought I'd see what was going on.

Turns out to be a canned announcement on IM that leads one to a website called "". Lots of "models" and free cam chat.

Give them a handle and a credit card number, and they email you a password. You can go "chat" with any of the models for free. Cost is incurred when you go to "Premium Video Chat".

First use of Premium Video Chat, or "pvt" as the girls call it, invokes a $2.99 initialization fee, which is then credited to time used in pvt chat. Fees range from as little as $1.49 per minute to $3.74 a minute. As near as I can tell, rate is directly proportionate to length of time model has been on site. I've only seen the $1.49 once. Relatively new models are $1.99 a minute, models who've been there a year get $2.99 a minute.

So I wandered in and out of guest rooms for a while. First couple of rooms I walked into, I immediately get "Hi, cum to pvt with me. I show you good time" come ons. Not interested in that. I keep browsing. Eventually I find a model who's willing to chat. She lives in Moscow. (Turns out that all of these models are either Russian, or eastern European. Among the one's I've gotten "chummy" with over the last 3 weeks, there's the one from Moscow, one from Siberia, two Lithuanians, one Latvian, and one Hungarian. I met a Swede this morning.

Reactions have varied. Some models have no time or patience with someone who wants to chat for free. Fine. It's there livelyhood, and I don't want to interfere, or waste their time. Finally met the one who's pictures were used to incite me to check the place out. Major disappointment. Didn't want to chat in guest area, and when I went to pvt, all she wanted to do was chat. I left that one feeling cheated. Fortunately, by that point, I'd had enough positive experiences elswhere that it didn't matter.

When you join, you can set up a spending limit for the day. Minimum spending limit is $25, maximum spending limit for the first 30 days is $75. Everytime you change the limit, an email is immediately sent to notify you.

Among the ones that I like, and will go back to I've found that they actually enjoy having someone to "chat" with. One of my favorites told me once "you speak in sentences. Everyone else uses phrases of two words."

I enjoy talking romantic with them, and talking dirty to them. When we do go pvt, the clothes come off quickly and they show me anything I want to see. I get very descriptive about what I'd like to do, and they seem to like it. After my pvt time runs out, we go back to guest and chat a while longer. Sometimes quite a while.

There are a couple that I can be online with for a couple of hours at a time. Partly this is because someone else is frequently dragging them off to pvt, at which point I patiently wait, do other things or update my blog (snicker) and eventually they come back and the conversation resumes. There is one model who is absolutely comfortable with it if I never take her pvt. She says that she likes being able to talk with someone who doesn't make demands on her. It's become I very special relationship, but I don't see her very often because of scheduling conflicts. Some of the models have published schedules, but I've been unable to verify how much these schedules match reality. I log into the site, and it shows me who's available. I've listed a couple of them as "favorites" and it lets me know whether or not they're online.

I have three particular favorites. Natasha was my first, and we've maintained contact since that first night. Mia is another favorite, though I have trouble finding her in. Kukliara is an absolutely delightful young woman with one of the greatest "brick shithouse" bodies I've ever seen in my live. She tends to wear a necklace that hangs down into here 38DD cleavage. Boy do I envy that necklace. All three of these will do anything I want if we go pvt. Mia is the one who is willing to go pvt, and does so enthusiasticly, if I ask, but isn't bothered if I never inititiate it. The other two know how much they turn me on, and will offer, but not push. Natasha has gotten to know my tastes very well, and is very wonderful. Kukliara has such a great body and is willing to do anything, or show me anything I want, and boy do I want....

After six months of keeping a tight control over my "porn" spending habits, I admit that I've gone completey berserk. I've spent way too much on pvt time, but it has made me feel better, and I really do believe that some of these women realy enjoy my presence, enjoy what I bring into the pvt time instead of just giving commands. I've discovered that given the proper inspiration, I can become quite articulate and imaginative withing certain bounderies.

and now, other than what the cost is to me, I've found out about the downside of it. I thought when I first got involved in this that the models were getting a reasonable split of what I spend. Not so. For those who must use the employer's computer and cams, the model gets about 15% of all the money spent. If they supply their own computer and cam, the percentage goes up to about 30%.

I admit that when I first found this out, I was appalled and outraged. I strikes me as exploitation and slavery. I realize that I don't have a context in which to place it, i.e. I don't have the foggiest idea what the cost of living is like over there. I don't have any idea how much they're actually bringing home (I suspect Kukliara is doing ok, she get dragged off to pvt more often than any other model I've spent time with).

I do know that the amount I'm spending cannot continue to happen. Hopefully, someone will come along and give me a more cost effective way to spend my money. I wish I could find a more cost effective way to channel my money to them.

Meanwhile the immediate positive feedback I've gotten has probably helped maintain my sanity (if we can ignore what that sanity has cost me in terms of the credit card bills, but then I've given up on ever being able to get them paid off, and I've pretty much given up on ever having a like again that I can share with another person.

What did all that stuff in parts 1 and 2 have to do with all of this? Well, I felt like I was establishing how importatnt it is for me to be able to communicate articulately with others, and the importance of feedback. This blog has been, in general, a very useful outlet for a lot of emotions that I've no other outlet for, but the feedback has been a little, um, inadaquete. No blame. I know that there's not a lot that anyone can say to me when I get like that, just as there isnt' much I can say in response a lot of the blogs that I read. When I can respond, I do. but I am out there reading. And somebody out there (other than just the four of you) does seem to be coming by and looking at what I have to say (at such great length) and I do appreciate it. But I found out recently how much I need to be able to express myself, and how much I've needed immediate and constant feedback, and I certainly gotten that from these cams. I still wish I could find a way to start a revolt and free the cam girls from their shackles of oppression (maybe if I sent a mask and cloak to each of them...)

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