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8/21/2006 10:51 am

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Monday, 8/14/06-- Tilly's--0515 to 1415

Monday, 8/21/06-- Intralase--0000 to 0800

Shield must really be hard up for warm bodies if they're willing to pay me time and a half for sitting in my car for five hours (out of the eight) keeping an eye on an almost empty parking lot.....

Between 4 PM on Friday and 8 AM on Monday, I put in 4 eight hour shifts this weekend....

I will be sleeping momentarily, but I wanted to get something posted, and I may not have another chance today.....

curiousinlorain7 59F

8/21/2006 4:41 pm

sleep? perchance to dream? ay there's the rub ...

rm_smosmof2 replies on 8/21/2006 6:28 pm:
(shudder) Do you know what that quote it about?

Hint: don't take it literally--it's a metaphor.

curiousinlorain7 59F

8/21/2006 8:40 pm

I know what that quote is about...but when taken out of face value that quote can mean a whole lot more.. just as us.. as individuals, when taken out of the shell we put ourself in, can grow and become so much more...
and that was an analogy

rm_smosmof2 replies on 8/22/2006 1:59 am:
point taken.

I still get chills when that's quoted, knowing that it's about contemplating suicide, but being afraid to do it if there is an afterlife.....

economickrisis 55M

8/22/2006 2:31 am

Job satisfaction. Yep, thats what life is all about.

rm_smosmof2 replies on 8/22/2006 5:23 am:
All got me. I am unable to find an adaquete sarcastic retort to that.....

curiousinlorain7 59F

8/22/2006 3:35 am

Smos...Trying to see things that represent my dark days in another light are one of the ways i try to heal.. When you have faced the edge of the abyss....and have turned away from fight for the sunshine that brings life.

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