Picking up the Loose Ends  

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Picking up the Loose Ends

When I went to the theatre Sunday night I was shocked to see that they've remade The Wicker Man, with Nicholas Cage in the role previously played by Edward Woodward. You may never have heard of this film. It shows a release date of 1973 in IMDB, but I don't think that's reasonable. The film may have been completed then, but it knocked around for years, unable to find distribution, and when it finally did get distributed, some of the best pieces had been cut, and the order of the story had been somewhat rearranged. Christopher Lee plays the Lord of Summerisle, and he will still claim (as, within the last year or so) that this is the film of which he is most proud.

It's about a Scottish policeman who receives an anonymous letter about a missing girl on one of the many islands off the coast. He goes to investigate, and finds that this island, who's commerce is completely dependant on the export of its fruit, has reverted to paganism. As a devout Christian, he is totally offended, as he is towards the community's attitude towards sex. He gradually begins to suspect that the girl is being held as a sacrifice to the old gods in an upcoming ritual. The trailer for the new version, while not really telling us anything about the film except that it's some kind of thriller, seems to indicate that it's stayed pretty close to the original. The original was written by Anthony Schaffer, who also wrote Sleuth.

The jerk at work, part 3.

So he showed up again on Sunday, despite the fact that I was sure that we'd gotten rid of him. I called the boss to make sure that he had, in fact, been scheduled, and she told me to keep him there, but to give him an assignment that would keep him occupied all day. She outlined the assignment. The results were interesting.

We have loose leaf notebooks at the various guard stations labeled "Post Orders". These contain written descriptions of all job duties, with details on how the duties are to be performed. The orders are numbered and dated so that whenever a change is made, the updated page can be replaced in the book, where the orders are listed by number. I gave him the master notebook, and notebooks from four of the five stations on site (the fifth is currently missing a copy of the notebook). He shocked me by actually finding two pages in the first book he checked that needed to be updated, showing me that he understood the nature of what had been asked of him. He then went through all of the other books without finding anything else that wasn't up to date. Just to check up on his thoroughness, I checked the post order that had needed to be updated in the first station's book and cross checked it with the other stations' books, and sure enough, it needed to be updated in the other books as well. He'd understood what was asked of him, but wasn't willing to pay enough attention to what he was doing to do the job properly.

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