what do I say?  

GladsFlyerKraal 56M
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5/22/2005 6:39 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

what do I say?

Just trying this out to see if it will help in communicating with my network. If it works, then I would like you to respond and let me know. Then I will put in a blog weekly or so to let you know what I am up to. Later

fillallmy 50F

5/29/2005 11:25 pm

Don't think I'm in ur netwrok anymore but seen nobody wrote so I will hope things are going good and things have perked up here since the last time I emailed u. I know that was kind of a bummer of one but I have finally realized that I actually neeed to answer the responses hehehe if I excpet any results. Well take care and hope things r going good for u ,fill

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