Giving and Taking... Which is Best?  

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3/12/2006 5:47 pm

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Giving and Taking... Which is Best?

Just a thought, while I'm still online and drinking the champagne that I got for Xmas from my Christian cousins (I'm sure they would be mortified if they knew I frequented sites like this, but that's their problem!), but I wondered of all the folks who might read these ramblings, what's best: giving, or taking?

When I was younger - in my 20s or early 30s - I used to love taking. I've never seen myself as a dominant type, but I guess I am, after having had one or two partners (OK, two) who just laid back and thought of England (or, in one case, Australia) ("Australia, Australia, We Love You, Amen" - Monty Python, Bruces Sketch), and they were disappointed when I couldn't perform. In other words, they didn't really do anything. No touching, kissing, stroking, sucking, just lying back and thinking of England/Australia.

I blamed myself initially, but I later came to realise that the reason I hadn't gotten hard was that the ladies in question didn't understand the basic rule that 'It Takes Two to Tango'. Know what I mean?

Anyway, to get back to the matter in hand (if you'll pardon the expression!). I remember my conversion to Giving. I met someone - a former girlfriend of a very good friend of mine. She was wanting to meet someone like my friend, and he suggested, half-jokingly, that she meet me. So, we met, and on our second date we fucked. It was fantastic - a hot, hurried, almost desperate union on her sofa. It was all the better for me as she was someone whom I'd always thought of as unattainable - a stunning woman with haunting, sad eyes. It was good for her,too, as she told me the next morning. She actually thanked me, which was amazing.

But what I mean by all this was that I'd given in our time together, not taken. Especially when it came to those drowsy times between fucks, when I would go down on her. With her, I really rediscovered my love of giving oral: I teased, kissed, probed, tickled, used my fingers, sucked her labia, kissed her clit, and generally breathed good wishes on her bits.

I was amazed - and really turned on - by my enthusiasm for doing this to her. Her reaction certainly helped, too. She wasn't the most vocal of partners, but, as I said above, she thanked me the next morning - which was a first for me, and something really special which I will treasure - and we arranged to meet again.

But that was a turning point for me: knowing that what I give is more important than what I take. I know I can give a lot when I caress my partner with my hands - serious massage or silly tickling! - and I know when I'm inside, too, is perhaps the most special of all, but, for me, the whole art of licking a pussy is perhaps the ultimate form of giving, of worshipping my partner. Shaven's best, for sure, as you don't have to spit hairs out every 30 seconds (and none of my parnters have ever complained about me being shaven - quite the opposite ) and you can just take your time to explore every last millimetre of a girl's most holy place. Having said that, the gf I referred to earlier was actually au naturelle, but that didn't matter. She tasted divine, and I gave her all I could.

Long live oral, I say!

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