The ABCs of my Perfect Girl  

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6/16/2006 6:12 pm

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The ABCs of my Perfect Girl

Don't show this one to my wife...

A penis on my dream girl sure would be bad
Because it would come with a side dish of nad
Cleavage a-plenty sure would be nice
D cups would give our sex some spice
Every guy would want to do her
Fondle her butt and other things to her
Getting off at the mere scent of her toes
Having spasms while shooting their loads
I only wish to be the envy of men
Just by flaunting my girl that's a ten
Keeping the pace with her wild sex drive
Loving to take every bump in the ride
My perfect dream girl might come to live
Not that there's anything that I wouldn't give
Only if I could be blowing her mind
Placing myself behind her behind
Quivering at my slightest of touch
Realizing, of course, I'm asking too much
Sensational dreams of us nekked together
Touching our bodies all over with feathers
Undulating positions and thrashing about
Very orgasmic both inside and out
Wasted and lying alone in my bed
Xhausted by all these thoughts in my head
Yawning about who I think she might be

I have a million of these poems (okay, not a 'million', but a lot). But this one seemed the most appropriate initial blog post.

Here's another, called "Lonely":

My penis is itchy
my balls become twichy
with nipples as hard as a rock
I know it's insane
but no one complains
when I'm jerking off into a sock

Nothing else matters
but goops and some splatters
and cleaning them's always a pain
but if I don't hurry
and wipe with a fury
it will leave quite a visible stain

There's no one to bother
no mother or father
to walk in and catch me in action
though it makes me uneasy
and just a bit queasy
to see my dog's canine attraction

But when I get needy
I know it sounds seedy
to go looking for someone to please
but I know I'm no looker
and can't pay a hooker
for fear of some dreaded disease

So looking at porn
with my calluses worn
I whack off to girls without care
I spank really fast
and hope it will last
as I imagine my spooge in their hair

In moments like those
it feels gay I suppose
but I feel so much goddamned elation
real girls are demanding
my lust not withstanding
my premature ejaculation


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