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6/19/2006 5:19 am

Inspired by the "Inquisition" scene in Mel Brooks' History of the World Part I, I decided to take a shot at this kind of rhyming. I hope you like it.

One night when I was walking
I distinctly heard some talking
and I wandered off the path to check it out

But abruptly I heard screaming
from some acts that sound demeaning
and I had to see just what it was about

So in the window I was peeping
while ensuring I was keeping
in the bushes far away from them to view

Then I realized while I'm peering
that the thing that I was fearing
was the person it was coming from was you

I could see that you were seated
with your energy depleted
from the way you sat and hung your tired head

You were naked when she tied you
she was naked right behind you
but I couldn't make out a word the woman said

I could see her perky nipples
through the leather fabric ripples
of the outfit that she wore for domination

I was reminded of a version
of a masochist perversion
which elicited my instant masturbation

She kept you there just sitting
while she got to work on fitting
a strap I thought that could've been a rag

But when she finished I concluded
that your voice she wanted muted
for the fitting it turned out to be a gag

Your head began to tipping
when she started with the whipping
as my fist picked up a great amount of speed

I thought it real erotic
that this psycho-bitch psychotic
finally gave you something that you really need

I then began to splooging
with my senses I was losing
as I shot my load up on the window glass

When I finished with my beating
I looked up to our eyes meeting
which is when I knew that she had caught my ass

I didn't up and run away
although I knew I couldn't stay
the thought still gives me quite a good erection

And if you could just find the time
it doesn't even have to rhyme
please put her number in my comments section


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