Fuzzy September  

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6/16/2006 7:03 pm

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Fuzzy September

That weekend is blurry
my tongue feeling furry
recollection is sort of a joke
I drank way too much
smoked reefer and such
and possibly snorted some coke

I think it September
As I try to remember
a year ago if I recall
it's all coming back
a nice looking rack
is I think what had started it all

My scrotum was raw
and I'd broken some laws
but I swear that the girl was of age
we went in her house
with my hand in her blouse
and her father flew into a rage

I got in my car
but didn't get far
before gunshots riddled my hood
I stepped on the gas
ran over his ass
left a corpse where her father had stood

I know it was bad
but she got really mad
and picked up the gun and took aim
so I turned right around
drove her ass in the ground
an accident with no one to blame

I kept right on going
made turns without slowing
which must have alerted a cop
he got right behind
with the lights made me blind
I regretted the acid I dropped

I increased my speed
while smoking some weed
and almost spilling my beer
But to my surprise
my pants got a rise
making it harder to steer

With adrenaline pulsing
I started convulsing
and drove right into a crowd
people were flying
and old people dying
screams muffled from music too loud

I regained my sight
with a dozen more lights
a precinct of cops on my tail
a dead end ahead
thought sure I was dead
and that's where my memory fails

I just can't remember
the rest of September
what's left just flashes a lot
but one thing I know
don't snort on some blow
with some acid, some beer, and some pot

This might be a true story, but I can't tell you that while the investigation is on-going.


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