nothin in particular.... oral lovelyness!!!!!  

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9/7/2005 11:56 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

nothin in particular.... oral lovelyness!!!!!

just wanted to add a post about nothin in particular...
just thinkin bout how I luv to please women and the wonderful pleasure we can share....
I really enjoy giving oral and sliding my toungue along her body....
especially luv to feel her labia with my tounge and nibble en stretch them with my lips and lick to the bottom of her lips...darting my tongue to tease the anus just abit.... before moving back up to the clit tasting her wetness...flicking my tongue there and sucking on that hot clit! then gentily clamping my teeth around it and applying a wonderful sucking vaccum on it!!!! yummmmmmmm
to continue.....everything for a very long time bringing you to a piont of almost climaxing...and then edging back to not quite....teasing your labia and clit...working you up and the edging are comfortable.... then much later ...I'll apply just the right amount of pressure to make you have a screaming orgasm...!!!!
you'll luv it!

and so will I
your fresh taste... your nectar so sweeeet!
what could be better??? nothin...cept maybe that you consider to return the favor...but thats another story!



damn....that got me so stifff..... and oooozin! luv it! yummmm!

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