i guess i was drunk  

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i guess i was drunk

my head spinned from the manny alcohol i had drank in the
club as i walked along the sidelane to my house. did not even
know why i had gone to the club anyway.i staggered stoping
sometimes when the pains i my head got unbearable. suddenly
a black saloon car just stopped by me.i stopped to look at
who everit was as the door opened. my mouth went wide when
my eyes fell on the exposed tighs of the young woman who owned
the car.i got an erection the moment i saw her firm breast
that rose against the black satin dress.i could tell they
were preety heavy.and she wore no bra, i swear i could trace
the way they formed.her luscios lips painted in red parted
in the most seductive smile she gave me.'do want a ride', she
had asked.i just nodded in excitement.the back door open
and i jumped into the car.it was then i realised she was not
alone.another beautiful gal sat beside her, more beautiful
but she wore a red dress.i did not know who to look at.she
started the engine and drove on.i just could not help my
eyes with enough that i forgot to tell them where my house
was. i didnot even mind when they took the oposit direction.
suddenly we entered a gate to a very huge mansion.we came
to a halt infont of the mansion.the black dressed one whispered
something to the red one. she loomked at me and smiled .'genie,
will take u inside whilst i park in the garage.'i had
smiled back. genie got out of the car and i did too. . she too
my arm in hers and walked me to the house. could not believe
what i saw. the house was expensively furnitured like none
i have seen.she walked to the stairs .and we climbed without
a word. when we had reached a door she put her hand in her dress
and brought out a key, with which she unlocked the door.
i followed heer into a room with a bed inthe middle and only
some chair and a table.suddenly the door closed behind
me.she turned to me and put my hand on her breast.she licked
my lip and pushed me on the bed.she pulled her dress up , showing
me her puff cunt. i had licked my lips.she raised one leg
on the bed and told me to lick her pussy dry. i stuck my mouth
into her fat lipss and begun to nibble the clit.suddenly
the door opened and the other girl came in.she pushed the
genie away. and took me by the colar .kissing me she pushed
me further on the bed . she brought out a robe and gen helped
her tie my hand to the bedpost.she tore away my sh irt and
her teeth that once smiled at me had become fangs she sunked
it into my nipple.i begun to feel dizzy.like a cat she licked
me upwards and nuzzled my neck.she sat on by stomach and
removed her dress.i felt someone remove my pants.the warm
hands gathered my dick and wraped it in her hand . i felt the
warmeth of her mouth on my cock.the one on me put her nipple
in my mouth. she coverd my face with her heavy boobs. i could
no even breath.genie sucked me so had i felt my balls were
going to bursts. slowly she moved back and slide my cock
into her steamy cunt. she begun to move up and down on me.i
could still feel genie's hand one my balls.she moved
up and down with a velocity i could not take.i saw genie walk
over to the bed and climbed on top. she squat on my head and
lowered her cunt to my mouth.i liked as her sister banged
me harder.she bent and felt her drinking the blood from
my nipple. i felt weak but the sensation i go from the girl
on my dick will not let me pass out. i could feel my muscle
tighten and i knew i was gonna cum.genie moaned on top of
me as i stroked her clit with my tongue ..but i spasmed and
came in her sister. but she did not get down from me . she said
some words and the table came o her. she opened a drawer and
pulled out a glass with some red fluid in it.she collected
some juices from her and genie's pussies and missed
it with my blood andgenie oped my mouth as they forced it
along my throat . the moment i swallowed, i got and erection
harder than before and i could feel my dick get bigger.genie smiled at me and winked, she told me it was now her turn.her
sister laughed and called me their new slave.

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