Another step in the right direction.....  

rm_slippery243 56M
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8/18/2006 4:42 pm

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Another step in the right direction.....

Today, Was a difficult day. I got involved in some bullshit on the internet. Finances and what have you. To a poor man finances is a very technical term. Hell, the internet is a technical term. So what the hell am I fucking around with?
For some reason material things consume my id. But in realty they don't mean a thing to me. My super ego says buy, buy , buy, and the end result being "Making my mark in this world". That must be important to me. As I spoke with my son tonight I came to that conclusion. I must listen to my ego more. It reassures me that I haven't fucked up too much.
As I pondered my existance in the "world" tonight, I asked the Oracle, many tough questions about myself. This is the first time I have reached them. I asked about bi-sexuality, About the beatiful sunrises, about my lust to leave my mark on this world. I must confess , ( after only must first consult ), that the answers were gratifing and explicitive ( what ever the fuck that means ).
Today was the first day of the rest of my life. The gods were livened today and had much wisdom to impart. I only hope that as time passes I am able to rationalize my human nature through them. After all they've been around since creation.
And for all you mother fuckers who don't believe this "SHIT " Only searching for many years and trial and answer will lead you to your particular answer. Feel Free to comment. I doubt anyone will I would'nt read this shit.

sxymilf43 52M/82F

8/19/2006 5:29 am

sounds to me like you have a complex??who gives a shit as to what any motherfuker thinks of you,,your just a many of us men out there..[im hubby of sxymilf]you aint curing W.T.F..are you gonna run for president,and what the hell is the can buy all you want but who gives a damn ,unless your buying for them,then when you stop they get your back at square are fine,an every one needs nice stuff..but you gotta eat when your older,the goverment aint gonna see you through time is a great thing..[ask anyone who;s been locked up]..but too much of anything[cept pussy]aint as i ponder my day ,im just glad to have a wife i cherish and love plus my son who is my whole as i go through life im gonna live it for them and not me,,so i must say i dont need a damn thing ..except them,and i feel great about that.material shit either rusts,rots,or gets take a breath, look outside and try to enjoy just being the best dad an hubby you can be.and be damn glad of that ,,just a perception of a non materialistic fellow,,peace be with you brother..wife says ty for stopping bi her blog also..

smile pamela

rm_slippery243 56M
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8/22/2006 3:34 am

Thanks for the comments. Basically my blog is just is just an expression of what I imagine.It's really not meant to be a narrative of my life. I just use it when I want to " try " and let my creative juices flow.

rm_tr4ckh3ro 26M
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11/28/2009 7:03 am

sounds like creative arts

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