Why do I call myself Sleepflyer43?  

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6/24/2006 7:15 pm
Why do I call myself Sleepflyer43?

When you see a handlename such as Sleepflyer43 it creates quite a conversation piece. I use the name Sleepflyer at another adult spot and there I get different nicknames out of it such as Sleep and 'Flayer' which seems a bit off the mark unless is this person pronounces it in her area as 'flyer'.

Here's the reason why I chosen this handle. Each time I go to bed to sleep I always hope that when I'm dreaming that'll I'll see something that doesn't obey the laws of the waking realm such as a light that's still on after flicking it's switch to the 'off' position.

However, my clues aren't that easy to pick out since i'm only half aware of them. They are things like no guard rails on high rise hotel valconies or outside walkways and travelling far distances in short time by foot.

If I could catch one of these misfits in my dream realm, I would know that I'm dreaming and not awake and then the dream would become lucid. Then I could fly like superman in my dream body (hence the name Sleepflyer).I would also take control of people and things around me since in my own created dream realm anything is legal.

My ultimate goal in lucid dreaming is to have intimate encounters with the ladies in my dreams. There'll be no need for me to ware protection since it's only a dream. I could also have my late grandmother appear and pretend that she's still alive.

However, after reading books by people such as Sylvia Browne I'm starting to think that this dream realm that people say is only someones imagination at work while they sleep, is real or more real than the waking physical realm. I feel that we who are more than our physical bodies are steping out of these shells while they gently sleep and go out to our real home or reality where we as entities came from before incarnating into our physical form.

One may say that this isn't so but read any book on astral projection or Out-of-body experiences and compare some of the features with your vivid dreams and you'll notice alot of simularties as far as flying, travelling great distance, manifesting things through thought.

To give you an example of this theory I once dreampt that I was in Cuba and while at my resort the military guards were spot checking tourists for their passports. I panicked since I somehow just happen to be down to Cuba through thought control. Then I half realized that this wasn't waking reality and created a passport in my wallet which was there when i opened it up.

I'm going to finish up now by asking anyone who has this interest in lucid dreaming to share their own experiences and what method they used to reach this wonderful altered state of lucidity in their nightly travels.


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