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Love is the union of two hearts and souls, its not based on looks, sex nor money
to be in love is the greatest feeling to know. If you have ever been in love this you know. You cannot fall out of love, you just ease the pain of being away from that special someone everyday.

Friendship is love in a very special way, that can make you laugh, that can make you cry, but its all worth it to give love a try. If you fall in love I hope it never ends. Please don't let it go as its the greatest feeling you'll ever know.

It may hurt it may make you cry, but that's no reason not to try, you never know where love will take you all you do is hang on for the ride. If you find that special someone just take it all in stride. This I tell you because I know I'll always let my feelings show.
I've been in love, and have been hurt, the pain went away but the love stayed .

So no matter what anyone says if you ever get a chance to fall in love, just let go and soar like a dove. Always remember that someone special is out there waiting for you and they'll be in love with only you no matter what you say no matter what you do.
These things I say I know are true its a pleasure to know someone special and sweet just like you.

Written by
Kenny C

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