Playing More Than A Hand  

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Playing More Than A Hand

I had been in the cardroom playing Hold'em for several hours. This is not unusual...I make over half of my living playing cards. She had been sitting on my left in the chair next to me for the entire time. She had brown hair streaked light and dark pulled back in a pony tail. Dark brown eyes, olive skin and a lovely fine boned face set off by rich full heart shaped lips. Her breasts were high and full under the black sweater she was wearing.

Our conversation had advanced from the casual banter of friendly but serious competition something more. How much more I wasn't sure.

"Its four in the morning," she said, "I am going to be in so much trouble. I've been here since seven last night."

"Well," I said, "you could always wait until seven tonight to go home and then claim you never left."

"Yeah. Right," she chuckled, "I don't think he'll buy that one."


"Husband, we have been married for three and a half years."

"Thats great. I'm guessing that he isn't a cardplayer."

"You would be right on that."

"Is he a teacher too?" She had already told me earlier that she was a teacher and that she had been one for five years. I figured her to be between Twenty-Eight and Thirty-Two.

"No. We met in college at UCSD. He is an insurance adjustor."

"So how do you like married life?" I figured if she was in the cardroom at Four O'clock on a Saturday morning it couldn't be everything she had dreamed about when she was a little girl.

"Its okay. God," she sighed, "I've never done this before."

"Played cards at four in the morning?"

"Stayed out this late. At least not since I've been married."

"Well," I eyed the stack of chips in front of her,"at least you'll be coming home with more money than you left with. Thats more than a lot of people in here can say."

"He'll never believe I was just playing cards."

"Suspicious huh?"

"And jealous."

"That can be tough."

"Yes. It can be. I suppose sometimes I have given him reason though."

"Really. How could that be?"

"Well," she lowered her voice, "I have this thing...this one thing that I really like to do. And he knows it. I've never slept with...never had intercourse with another man since we've been married. I have been with a few other women. I'm bi...but he's okay with that."

"So your thing is an occasional woman? Every now and then? That doesn't seem like a big deal to me."

"Well thats one of my things. My thing with men," her voice fell to barely a whisper and she lowered her head and bent it next to mine safeguarding our conversation from the other five players and the dealer who were seated at the table with us,"with men I love to give head. It is like a compulsion or something. I started in high school and I had probably blown fifty guys by the time I actually lost my virginity when I was a sophmore in college."

"And your husband...he not as cool with that huh?"

"No. He is not cool with that. Not even a little bit. Of course I have really slown down since we have been married. Actually since we got serious with each other my last year in school."

Just my luck I was thinking. The kind of girl just about every guy I know including yours truly loves to meet and she is pretty much reformed. Still...a little hope can take a guy a long way. "I have to say," I told her, "no offense intended but you are the kind of girl that me and every other guy I know dreams about running into. Pretty intriguing stuff. I kind of wish you hadn't told me that."


"Because now I am going to be wondering why my fortune was good enough to meet you but not good enough to meet you a few years back when you were in full know, when you were more actively pursuing your hobbies."

She laughed. One of her hands strayed down to her chip stack and absently played with the top few chips. "Thats life." She flashed her perfect smile at me. "Anyway you can see why my husband will probably be upset."

I shrugged. "Not really. I kind of wish he had something to be upset about but...if he doesn't believe you and gets upset about tonight...." I shrugged again.

"Anyway," she began putting her chips into a couple of racks, "I better get home before he wakes up so he doesn't actually know how late I stayed out." She motioned to the dealer. "Deal me out please," she said, "I've had enough." She tapped me on the arm. "Do you think its safe for me to go to my car alone? Its parked across the street behind the liquor store."

I looked down at my two hole cards that had just been dealt. I had the Ace of spades and the Ace of hearts...the absolute best starting hand in Texas Hold'em. "Probably is," I said. My right hand was already hovering over my stacks of chips waiting to grab a handful and raise the betting up. I'm pretty slow sometimes but give me enough time and I will catch on. "You know," I said turning my head toward her, "I would be happy to walk you to your car." I nodded toward the table. I don't mind missing a hand or two.

"Would you?" She shot another of those lovely promise filled smiles my way.

"Of course I would," I told her. "I'd never forgive myself if I sat in here while you walked out there alone in the middle of the night and something happened to you."

"Thats so nice," she said. "I would really appreciate it."

How much? I thought to myself.

"Actions to you sir," the dealer's voice shattered my reverie. I glanced around the table. The other players were staring impatiently at me.

"Lets play some poker," a fat man in a Red Sox cap growled. "We ain't got all night."

I lifted the edges of my two aces up and then reluctantly pushed them toward the center of the table. "Fold," I said. "Dealer, deal me out please. I'll be back in a few minutes."

The dealer nodded.

I stood up and walked over near the cashier's cage while she cashed her chips in. When she had gotten her money she stepped over to me. "Okay," she said, "ready to go."

I was. Ever since she mentioned her obsession with giving head...that was all I could think about. By the time she finished cashing out my dick was so hard a cat couldn't have scratched it. "Oh yeah," I said, "I'm all set."

"This is so nice of you."

"Just the kind of guy I am."

"Can I ask you something?"


"Your last didn't look like you wanted to throw it away. Did you have something good?"

"Pretty good."

"You mind telling me what?"

"Okay," I paused for a second casting about in my mind for what I should say to her. When you play cards you don't divulge your cards unless someone pays to see them...most of the time. Here I had another consideration...would I be revealing too much of my motives? I tried to figure the odds on me getting the outcome (so to speak) that I was after.

"Okay," she interrupted my busy mind and silent mouth, "so...what did you have?"

"King-Ten," I lied, "King of clubs, Ten of spades. No big deal. I probably would have played it for a call if nobody else raised but thats it."

"Oh," she nodded, "okay. Gee, I kind of thought I was starting to get a read on you. I would have sworn you had something pretty good."

"Well...King-Ten, thats not too bad."

We started across the dark side street in front of the cardroom. A few cars were scattered around the overflow lot. "Thats my car," she pointed at a big dark colored SUV, "the monster."

"Nice ride."

"Yes...if the price of gas doesn't keep going up."

"You know I really enjoyed meeting you tonight. You're a great cardplayer and an intriguing lady."

"I enjoyed meeting you. You're a much better cardplayer than me. I talked with you all night, you know all kinds of things about me and I hardly know anything about you."

"What would you like to know?"

"First...if you really had a King-Ten?" She laughed. "I think you're lying." She opened the driver's side door of her vehicle.

"Open up the other door," I said hoping to seize whatever opportunity there might be, "I'll sit and talk to you for a couple of minutes before I go back in."

"Okay." She shut her door and clicked open the passenger side front door. I walked around the vehicle and climbed into the front seat next to her. "This is nice," I said. "So what is it that you want to know?"

"Lets start with that King-Ten?"

"What King-Ten?"

"I thought so." She turned toward me. "I knew I had a better read on you than that. So...what was it really? Aces? Kings? Queens? Jacks? Ace-King? What?"

I shrugged. "Tell me something?"


"Your uh...hobby, that for real?"

"My hobby?"

"The know...the thing about giving head?"

"Absolutely. I have probably sucked a thousand cocks in my lifetime. I've only had intercourse with six guys but I lost count a long time ago of how many I've blown."

"You know," I said, "I was just thinking...."

"And what might you have just been thinking?"

"Well if its something you really like to do and its something your husband is going to blame you for know something he will accuse you of...something he will be sure you were out doing no matter what you say...well...I is something you really love to do and all. I guess the thing is...I just want you to know that I'm here for you. Here, you know if that urge hits you."

"Oh!" She almost sounded surprised. Then she laughed. A little too hard. "You mean if I get the urge to suck some cock? Right?"

"Well...if you want to put it that way...right. Yes."

"Got you thinking about that some huh?"



"Ever since you told me about it...I couldn't think about anything else." Inside my jeans my diamond cutter raged impatiently. My mind raced trying to assess, analyze and calculate. What were my chances? Had I improved or was I falling back?

"And those last two cards?"

"Really were King-Ten." You see the thing about poker is that like most things in life it is usually better to stick with your story once you've put it out there. "Its kind of funny," I continued trying to think just a little faster than I was talking, "but I really wanted you to think that I was throwing away a monster just so I could walk you to your car." I paused briefly. "But all I had was King-Ten. You know," I reached over and put my left hand on her right shoulder, "I want you to know...honestly, no matter what I had, even if it was pocket aces...I would have thrown that hand away just to walk you out here."

"Just to walk me out here? Or to walk me out here and get the blowjob of your life?"

"Well to walk you out here and have a chance at getting the blowjob of my life." I kept my hand on her shoulder. "The blowjob of my life," I repeated, "now I'm really intrigued. You need to prove a claim like that."

"Those aren't my words. I can't even count how many guys have told me that the head I gave them was not only the best they ever was the best they ever dreamed of having."

"Wow. Thats pretty impressive."

"I don't know if its in my technique or just the fact that I just absolutely love the taste, the feel, really everything about sucking cock."

"Probably a combination of both," I commented. My voice was a little shaky. Below my waist the shotcaller was barking out orders that could have gotten me a string of years in the state pen were I to follow them to the letter. I moved my hand from her shoulder into her hair. A little tentatively I started to pull her toward me.

"I mean I like to really savor it," she said not resisting my guiding her in my direction but not just moving toward me either, "I like to take my time. Take it out. Take a good long look at it. Wrap my hand around the base of the shaft. Not to loosely but, not to tight either. Then before I ever take it in my mouth, I start with my tongue. I kind of just flick and lick hitting all around the head of the thing. Then when its really pulsating I kick my tongue into high gear. Start moving my hand, pumping it just a little...not hard...but firm. Then and only then I take it in my mouth. But if anything the tongue action gets even more...I take it to a whole new level. I keep the hand wrapped around the base too. Pump it just a little. Every time I feel like its about to go off...I slack off just enough to keep that from happening. Like I said...I savor it. I'm what I guess you would call a cock connoiseur. I like to make it last at least twenty and hopefully as long as thirty minutes. I like to bring guys right to the brink several times and then finally when they're just about to explode...I take them as far down my throat as they can reach. I mean I practically swallow them with my tongue rolling tight little circles around the length of the thing from one end to the other. When it starts spazzing, I know its happening. Then I let it shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot some more. Way down deep into my throat. I never miss a drop. I've had guys tell me that every nerve in their bodies was tingling after they came in my mouth. Does that sound like it might just be the blowjob of your life?"

" definitely sounds like something I really want to experience." I leaned toward her meeting her in the middle of the front seat. My left hand was tangled in her hair. I brought my face to hers. I nuzzled her cheek. With my right hand I stroked her face. We kissed. Then kissed again. My right hand dropped to the front of her sweater.

"Oh, I think you really want to experience it," she said. One of her hands found my crotch. "I do believe that," she said fondling my hardness through the barrier of my jeans. "That I believe. Yes. I don't believe King-Ten for a second...not for a second. But I believe that you would like me to let your cock out and give you the best blowjob I've ever given anyone...the best blowjob you've ever had. That I believe."

"You're right," I was almost breathless with anticipation. She found my zipper and began to lower it. Then she unbuttoned my boxers and reaching into them she withdrew my cock which upon being set free immediately sprang from her hand and slapped stiffly against my stomach.

"I knew it," she said finding my cock with her hand again, "I knew you didn't have King-Ten."

"Not about the King-Ten," I said. I squirmed a little almost overcome with the sheer delicious pleasure I was about to recieve. "You're right about me wanting you to give me head."

"And it would be the best head ever...the best you ever got...the best ever," she said a little breathlessly herself. She bent her head down toward my rampant member. I could feel her breath like a cool breeze washing over the inflamed burning hot skin of my cock.

Her hand wrapped around me at the base of my shaft. Then her tongue touched me like raw silk on naked flesh. A little smooth. A little rough. A light friction. An erotic cloaking.

"You're lying about the King-Ten," she said suddenly. She lifted her head away from me.

"No," I responded. My hand moved to the back of her head but she resisted its gentle efforts to return her to her previous ministrations. "Why would I lie to you? Now?"

"This could be the best head you ever got or it could be the best head you never got." Her hand was still wrapped not tightly but just firmly around the base of my cock. Its grip tightened infantessimally as if in punctuation of her words. "When I suck a cock," she continued, "for however long it lasts...I worship that cock. That cock becomes my world, my universe. Is that what you want?"

"It is."

"How badly?"

"I can't think of anything I would rather have right now."



"I don't believe you." She bent her head back down and ran her tongue over the entire length of my stiff member. Then she rolled it in tight little circles moving it up and down over my entire length. She stopped suddenly. "I said, I don't believe you."

"What do you want me to say?" What she had been doing had felt so incredibly good that the nerves in the soles of my feet had already started to tingle. When she stopped with the tongue action I could have sworn that my heart actually skipped a beat.

"I want you to tell me what you had," she said, "the truth."

"Come on," I said. Frustration was creeping into my voice. "I would tell you anything you wanted to hear right now. At this moment."

"Except the truth."

"Tell me what you want me to say and I will say it. Anything. Just don't stop doing what you were doing. Please."

"Just tell me what you had." She moved her head back down to me. The tongue found me again enveloping me in its warm, wet silkiness. With no conception of time or anything except the sensations that washed through me like dangerous surf breaking one after the other continuously over every nerve ending I possessed, I had no idea how much time elapsed before suddenly she had taken me completely into her mouth and it all intensified. It intensified exponentially.


I was so completely lost in the moment that I didn't even catch her simple question. I was only vaguely aware that somehow she had slipped her mouth away from me. I was still however, well in hand. With me out of her mouth she used her hand to pump me ever so slightly. "So?" She repeated.

"So what? Don't stop. Please don't stop. Girl you weren't lying. Thats have got skills. Don't stop. Okay?"

"So what did you have?"

"Whatever you want me to have had...thats what I had. Okay?" My hand at the back of her head pushed her toward my throbbing cock. She allowed herself to be guided part of the way toward my goal but then she resisted keeping herself just an inch or two away from where I needed her to be.

"I put you on Aces or Kings," she said, "maybe Ace-King, maybe Queens. What were they?"

"Aces," I said, "or Kings, whatever you want them to have been. Thats what they were." I pushed gently at the back of her head. "Come on."

"Thats not an answer," she said. "You come on. I need to know what you had. That last hand. The one you folded to walk me out here...what was it?" She moved her head back down and took me back into the sensory heaven of her mouth.

My frustration began to subside. I relaxed slightly as ecstasy shot through my body like electrical current. "I already told you," I said softly, "King-Ten."

She didn't respond for I have no idea how long. Just continued to service me. Using just her mouth and hands she managed to give me every part of herself. Body, mind and soul. I felt an orgasm beginning to form somewhere near my very core. Somewhere deep inside of myself. Felt it simmer. Then suddenly grow hot and begin to boil. In the next moment she had lifted her head away. "I still don't believe you," she said. "You are not being truthful."

"What? Are you kidding me?"

"All you have to do is tell me. Tell me the truth and the next thing you know, you will be coming like you have never come before in your life. Like you never will again," she added.

"I believe that." I paused for a second. Below my waist orders were being issued for a full surrender. "Okay...for...dammit! You're right. I was lying about the hand. How did you know?"

"I told you." Her voice was smug. "I knew I had a read on you." Suddenly I was back inside her mouth. A few seconds later I was out again. "So...come on. What did you have?"

"What do you think I had?"

"I told you. Aces...maybe Kings. Or Queens. Ace-King maybe." She took me back into her mouth. I felt the orgasm gather itself and heat back up inside of me.

"Well you were right about me having an Ace," I said. "And a King," I added quickly. "Both diamonds. I had Ace-King suited. Ace-King of diamonds." I paused. Then I forced myself to sigh as if I was exhausted or defeated. "Okay? Satisfied? Now?" I pushed gently at the back of her head fearing that she might stop. "Wait," I said, "don't answer that...don't stop."

In the next instant my cock began to spasm almost violently. A jolt of intense orgasmic pleasure struck me like a lightning bolt. Every nerve ending I possessed began to tingle...jangling with indescribable sensation. She seemed almost to swallow me deep down into her throat. Her tongue was everywhere at once. I began to pump what had to be massive blasts of hot, thick super potent come down her open throat. In the darkness of the front seat I looked down and saw twin pearls of milky white at each corner of her mouth. Her full lips were stretched tightly around my pulsating cock. The orgasm itself had to have lasted nearly two minutes. There were at least a dozen intense spasms. When it was over the soles of my feet were tingling as if I had just done a firewalk.

She lifted her head off of me. "I'm still not sure I believe you but I guess I might."

I lifted my right hand, palm out toward her. "Thats the truth," I said, "I swear. Ace-King."

She sat up in the driver's seat and adjusted her clothing. Straightened up her hair. "You folded big slick for me?"

"For," I waved a hand around, my motion encompassing the front seat and both of us, "I laid it down for...for all of this...for everything."

"For a little head," she laughed. "You guys. I don't know who is or us." She reached into her purse and pulled out a compact. "Tell me one more thing," she said.

"Sure. What?"

"If it had been Aces or Kings that you had instead of big slick...would you still have folded it to walk me out here?"

"The truth?"

She nodded yes.

"No. I wouldn't have. What I would have done is asked you to wait until I finished the hand maybe to go cash out and then come back to the table. And then when that hand was finished...then I would have walked you outside." Which I thought to myself, would have been a damned fine idea had I been able to think past my dick and come up with it when it had been needed.

"Yes." She nodded with satisfaction. "Okay I believe you. You better get back to your game."

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