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Big Brother

It is a very cool thing to be a Big Brother. First you help a child who may be in jeopardy of going off the track. You also help a fine service organization maintain the sterling reputation it has earned.

I have been a Big Brother in the past and decided to get involved again here in the North San Diego County area. I went through all of the checking out process. Then matched up with a kid. Because I am part Hispanic and can speak some Spanish, I ended up being matched up with Javier a ten year old from Oceanside.

Last Saturday I drove the three or four miles to the apartment in Oceanside that Javier shares with his mother, two sisters, an aunt and her two children. I knocked on the door and it was opened by the absolutely gorgeous latina. She was in her early Twenties I would have guessed with jet black thick wavy hair that extended several inches below her shoulders. She had large smoldering black eyes. Around Five-Three or Four with rich smooth light honey colored skin and a tight but curvaceously generous figure. She was dressed in blue sweatpants that clung lightly to and around every curve and a light blue wifebeater. Her breasts were on the large side, full and luscious without being ostentatious like so many of the fakes can tend to be.
"I am here to meet Javier," I told her. "I am from the Big Brothers organization."

"Oh...yes." She smiled. What a smile it was! Large full ruby colored lips made for cocksucking. Perfectly even, dazzling white teeth. "Come in." She opened the screen door that had remained locked between us and held it ajar. I stepped inside.

"Linda? Who was it?" As I stepped inside the entry and then into the living room of the cramped two bedroom apartment a woman, virtually a carbon copy of the one who answered the door and let me in...every bit as gorgeous appeared at the other end of the room from a hallway.

"He is the man from the Big Brothers," the first woman called to the other as she shut the doors behind us. "For Javier. Go on," she told me in a softer tone, "have a seat, sit down. Can I get you some coffee or anything to drink?"

My head had to be jerking back and forth like a hallucinating bobble doll, my attention going from one woman to the other. I couldn't decide which was the more attractive. It didn't matter...I wanted them both!

"No thank you." I took a seat on a battered sofa that someone in the household used as a bed...their pillow and blanket from the previous night's slumber was still piled up at one end.

"Hello, it is nice to meet you." The stunningly sensual, incredibly beautiful woman from the hallway entered the room and walked over to me. She extended her right hand to me. "I am Javier's mother. My name is Lucia. We are so happy to have someone take an interest in Javier. Thank you so much."

Right about then she would probably have been shocked about the interests I was taking. Below my waist and underneath my baggy jeans and a pair of boxer briefs my cock was rampaging desperate to get its two cents in on the situation at hand. These were my kind of women...the kind of women I broke into the sex game on. Women like this are like coming home to me and these two were essentially perfect, nice, lovely with that sense of sensual knowledge and unspoken promise of pleasure and satisfaction that the most desirable women of all ethnicities seem to have.

I stood up and took Lucia's hand. "Its my pleasure. Believe me it is. If someone hadn't of taken an interest in me when I was growing up in Los Angeles...I don't know where I would be but I do know that it wouldn't be here."

"Sit down," she urged me. "You met my sister Linda."

"I did. She came to the door. I thought I had mistakenly ended up in heaven when I saw her at the door. When I saw you also...I was certain that I was there. That I had either died and was already up there or that I was dreaming.

"Thank you. Her face got a shade darker. My sister is younger than me so she usually gets all of the attention. You are very kind."

I am younger by only Sixteen months," Linda interjected. "So tell us about yourself, how many children of your own do you have?"

"I have three," I told them.

"What does your wife do? Does she work?"

"Oh, I'm not married," I replied, "I never have been."

"Where are your children?"

"Two of them are in Los Angeles. I see them pretty regularly. The other one is in Miami, I don't get to see her that often."

"You have never been married?" Lucia, Javier's mother broke in with a question.

"No. Have you?"

"Yes," she said, "I have. To Javier's father...after we had Javier. We were married for three and a half years."

"I was almost married." Linda spoke. "I was only going to do it because he was the father of my last second baby," she added quickly. "I decided that wasn't a good enough reason."

"You were probably right," I said. "How old are the other kids in the house?"

"I have an Eight year old daughter and a Seven year old daughter," Lucia said.

"And I have a Six year old daughter and a Three year old son," Linda added.

"That is amazing! Incredible! Neither one of you ladies looks like she has ever had a child. And neither one of you looks old enough to have children those ages. No way!"

"I am Twenty-Six," Lucia said.

"And I am Twenty-Four," Linda added.

"Well," I smiled catching the eye of each in turn, "whatever the two of you are doing...don't stop doing it...ever! It is working fantastic. I mean I just can't believe this...." I settled back comfortably into the sofa. They both remained standing right in front of me only two or three feet beyond my voracious cock struggling to release himself from the confines of my clothing and and get a face-to-face with these two beauties. "I mean...I dream about meeting just one woman like the two of you and here this morning, I meet two! My dream has come true...double!"

"You are so nice." Linda was dressed identically to her sister in sweat pants and a wifebeater except that her ensemble was red. She sat down next to me on the sofa on my left.

"He is." Lucia joined us, settling down on the other side of me. "It is good to meet such a nice man."

"And cute too," Linda giggled.

"Javier! Javier!" Lucia called. "Your man the big brother is here." She turned to me. "What are your plans with him this morning?"

I flashed her a smile. "We will just be getting to know each other a little. I will probably take him but just for half an hour...Forty-Five minutes at the most. A little ride. Some conversation. Maybe some ice cream."

"Do you have a cell phone?"

"Of course...I have one."

"Could I have the number? You know, for just in case."

"Oh absolutely. I want you to have the number anyway. Both of you." I gave them both my cell number and my home number. Made sure each had written the information down. "You know," I said, "I think I would really like to have your numbers too. Both of your numbers."

"Both?" Lucia seemed puzzled. She still had a pen in her hand from writing my number down. She began to write on a fresh piece of notepaper. "I do not have a cell phone but here is the home number which you already have because we have talked before on the telephone." She handed me the paper. I glanced down at it. It had her work number, home number and two other numbers that appeared to belong to other people.

"Do you really want my number too?" Linda was tugging at my left elbow.

"Of course. I most certainly do."

"May I see the paper? And," she directed her attention to her sister on the other side of me, "the pen also?"

Her sister handed me the pen. I gave it to Linda. She carefully wrote two phone numbers down. One of them was the same home number her sister had written down, the same home number I already had. The other was a cell number.

"You have a cell phone Linda?"

"Yes," she said flashing her deliciously inviting smile, "I have a cell phone just I do not have very many minutes to talk on it."

I laughed. "What do you ladies like to do for entertainment? For fun?"

"We are too busy to have very much fun," Lucia said. "I like the movies and television to sometimes though."

"I like movies too," Linda said, "but, I like to dance and hear music also."

"Maybe the three of us can go out some night and have some fun," I suggested.

"That would be good!" Linda's dark eyes sparkled. "We...I would like that very much."

"I would too," Lucia agreed. "But I have to tell you...we have a rule, it has always been our rule and we are never with the same man. We never will be. So if you are interested in one of us...I am not saying that you are," she spread her hands apart, a dark flush rose up on her lovely face, "I am just saying if you ever get to that should know that there can only be one of us that you can be with know...como se dice? As a man and a man and woman."

"I understand," I said. "It sounds to me like a pretty good rule. A rule like that would keep a lot of problems and misunderstandings from happening. I was suggesting that we all go out together to have fun as if we were just three friends having fun together. Which, really is exactly what it would be. If or when I ever feel romantic about one of you...I will let you know right away. Then the rules can change...okay?"

"Okay. It's good." Lucia looked satisfied. Her sister nodded apparently in agreement.

"I should tell you that I am very traditional when it comes to my involvement with women. It takes me awhile...sometimes a long while before I have romantic feelings. That is because what is most attractive about any woman in my opinion is her spirit, her soul, the person she is on the inside of her body. So I have to know a woman well before those feelings come upon me."

"That is good." Lucia actually patted the back of my hand.

"Oh, that is a very beautiful way to think," Linda slid a little closer to me. She reached out with one hand and touched it lightly against my thigh for just a moment. When I looked over at her, she just lit up with a megawatt smile. I cannot adequately describe the appeal of these two lovely young women.

Right around that time a thin rather small boy with an unruly mop of dark hair, huge black eyes and the same stamp of beauty on his honey colored features that his mother and aunt possessed in probably world record proportions.

"Javier?" I stood up and walked over to the boy. Kneeling down beside him I began talking with him in low tones. After a minute or two, I stood up. "Javier and I," I said, turning back toward the two young women still seated on the sofa, "are going to get out of here for a little while. Go for a ride or something. We won't be gone a whole hour...I'm pretty sure. Okay?"

"Okay." Lucia looked at me. She had what seemed to be a slight hint of tiredness in her eyes. I couldn't be certain enough even to hazard a guess.

I took the boy for a Twenty minute ride along Pacific Coast Highway. We talked. He was a good kid. He was on the verge of going down the wrong path but, he was basically a very good kid. I stopped at a little ice cream parlor located right off PCH. We went inside and had double cones. From the way he attacked his, I would have assumed that this child hadn't had a lot of no strings attached ice cream cones in his short life.

We made it back to Javier's apartment in a little over an hour. By the time I got him back home, the kid's entire demeanor had changed significantly. He was chatting me up and laughing. Inside the apartment his mother and aunt work busy working at a host of domestic chores, obligations and necessities.

"You are back," Linda said as I entered the apartment right behind the kid. Javier ran straight to his mother and in rushed, excitement filled Spanish began trying to tell her everything that had happened on our little outing. The kid obviously didn't get out much if our little jaunt had gotten him that worked up.
"Despacio mijo," despacio mijo, " his mother Lucia kept repeating the warning like a mantra. Finally the kid came to a stopping point. He paused and gulped down a huge breath. He was almost panting for oxygen.

"Ladies," I approached the two young women as they worked together in the apartment's miniscule kitchen. "Ladies," I repeated, "I think tonight would be a nice night for us to go out and have a little fun. Not too much now. I don't want to scare Lucia...just a little fun. What do you think?"

"Oh." Linda's face was glowing. She turned back to her sister. "Could we?"

"Not both of us. Who would watch the little ones? One of us can if you has to stay with the children."

"Not necessarily," I interjected,"I will get them a babysitter. Both of you will be able to go."

"Oh no. We couldn't let you do something like that," Lucia struggled for the words to turn me down. "And in all honesty, we cannot afford a babysitter."

"I can. So let me. Please. I am only guessing but it seems to me like both of you could really use a night out."

"Please." Linda urged. "It would be nice to go a nice place maybe for you as well as I."

"Okay. We will try this." Lucia settled her eyes...lovely obsidian gems set into the beauty of her face. "We don't want to be a burden on you. You are to kind to us."

"Believe me," I said in complete honesty, "I want to do this. It will give me great pleasure and make me very happy to do this. Okay?" I reached out and ever so lightly for the briefest of moments stroked the lovely dark mass of barely controlled chaos that was her thick tangle of hair. Turning from her I shot Linda a surreptitious wink. I can already tell you this...that while getting them both into my bed together along with me...of course that was my ultimate goal and believe me it was definitely something to shoot for. For the time being I felt that Lucia required the very patient, slow approach. Therefore by default the one who I was going to give the bum rush...that was Linda and I was virtually certain that it would be Linda whom I would be cracking open first.

I made arrangements to pick them up at Eight that evening. I made arrangements for an older lady in my condominium complex to go to their apartment no later than a quarter until Eight for babysitting duty. I made reservations for us at a place in Del Mar. After that it be down to La Jolla for some jazz. I straightened up my place just in case.

At Four-Thirty, my home telephone rang. I picked the call was Lucia. One of the children, one of her daughters had suddenly gotten very ill. She hated to do this but could we possibly do it some other time. Of course we could. Was there anything that I could do to help them with the little girl? She didn't think so. At least not right now. If she got any worse they would take her over to the Emergency Room. I hung up the phone. Purposely I had not asked whether Linda might like to go out with me by herself while Lucia stayed home with her sick child. Now I picked the telephone back up and dialed Linda's cell number. She picked it up on the third ring.


"Linda...hello. I just spoke with your sister and I understand that her little girl is ill. She told me that she couldn't go anywhere tonight, not with a sick child. I already made reservations for us and everything and I forgot to ask whether or not you might still like to go? Of course it would just be the two of us but that's fine with me as long as it is okay with you. What do you think?" I had picked up a vibe at their apartment that Linda kind of liked me a little. Lucia was harder to read. But I was pretty confident of my read on Linda.

"Hold on one minute please." In the background I heard Linda talking with another female, presumably her sister Lucia. The went back and forth in rapid fire Spanish for a minute or two. Essentially the gist of the conversation seemed to be that yes the little girl was really quite sick. Apparently she was vomiting up everything but the kitchen sink. No, Lucia had no objections and would not mind if Linda went out with me by herself tonight. She, Lucia just could not in good conscience leave her daughter alone with a stranger while she was so ill.

"Hello. Yes. I will go. I am very looking forward for it."

"Okay," I said to her a smile sneaking across my face," you be ready at Eight...okay? I will pick you up then."

"Okay," she answered, "I will be ready to go with you at Eight O'Clock."

"Okay," I said, "I will see you then. Goodbye." I hung the phone up. Immediately I called and canceled the babysitter.

At Five minutes past Eight, I knocked on the apartment door. Linda answered it immediately and true to her word, she was ready to go. I treated myself to a long look at her. My eyes were insatiable devouring every inch of her. She was absolutely lovely. A simple white linen dress that hugged every curve of her voluptously tight little frame. Simple white shoes with a low to moderate heel. The dress accentuated her perfect breasts, ripe lovely ass and its hemline was about Five or Six inches above her knees revealing shapely superbly toned thighs.

"Wow!" I finally managed to say. "You are everything tonight. You look amazing! Beautiful! Sexy! Just completely put together. You are a vision of loveliness. I am stunned. I knew you were a beautiful woman but are on an entirely other level of perfection. There are very few women anywhere who could be as appealing as you are tonight. I don't know of any." Okay...I was laying it on just a little thick. I know that. I also know that she kind of likes that. Besides, she did look absolutely fantastic. My cock was at full attention trying to escape out of the waistband of my trousers.

Linda giggled. "You are to nice to me." She slipped her arm through mine. "Okay. We can go. I am very excited all day for this tonight."

"Me too," I assured her. I was not lying.

We proceeded through dinner at a comfortable pace. It was a wonderful gourmet meal in a lovely setting. Perfect to charm this beautiful but somewhat unsophisticated young lady. Following my plan of attack for the evening I got her started on some wine during dinner. I kept her on it at the club where we listened to some live jazz. After an hour or so she was literally glowing. A mega smile was just pasted on her face. She couldn't or didn't want to shut it down.

"Well," I leaned into her, we already were sitting close together at the table but I moved in closer, "I am so glad that I found you Linda."

"Me too," she agreed. She took a sip of the wine that I had made sure was continuously freshened for her. "I am very happy to know you."

Ah but you don't know me yet...not like you are going to know me. I smiled directing it toward her but really it was to myself. "What I am thinking is that maybe we should leave pretty soon. We can go over to my condominium, have a nightcap and listen to some more music." Again I brought my head close to hers. "I really don't want this night to end...ever."

"I don't either," she said. "We can go to your home whenever you are ready...okay?"

"Okay!" I bounced to my feet. "I guess this is a good time. I am ready. My dick had been hard enough to cut diamonds just about all night and now just the anticipation was making the damned thing crazy.

Thirty-Five or Forty minutes later we were at my place. Luckily I had straightened things up a bit earlier in the day anticipating the possibility of a moment like this. Now it was here. I relaxed next to her on my loveseat. Robert Cray played softly on the CD player. She had a glass of wine to sip on. After a while of delicious but ultimately torturous anticipation I made a move to draw her close to me. She offered no resistance moving willingly into my arms. Then this soft compliant willing young girl, this unsophisticated but lovely young woman suddenly went on the offensive. We kissed softly at first, then harder and with greater intensity. Our hands roamed each other's body hungrily.

She stood up. Reaching back up over her shoulders and behind her back she did something then shrugged and let the simple little white linen dress slide down her delectable little body in one smooth motion. When it hit the carpet of my living room...incidentally the place where I always knew it would look its very best, she stepped out of the dress, kicked off her shoes and stood before me completely nude and even lovlier than I could have imagined. I stood up to get out of my clothes but she had other plans. As I stood she sank to her knees in front of me. Unzipping my trousers she reached into them and drew out a rock hard rampant monster cock. A cock that had been waiting, anticipating and striving for this very moment.

In the next instant she took me into her mouth. Now I won't lie to you...I have had better blow jobs. Quite a few actually. But this was really very nice. What she lacked in technique, she more than made up for with her eagerness to please, devotion to the dick duty she was performing and her general all around enthusiasm for the task at hand. About Ten minutes into it I blew a load that had to be about to come out of her ears until finally she was able to choke it all down. I lifted her to her feet and guided her into my bedroom. My cock despite just having copped a nut remained diamond cutter hard. I wouldn't even be a little bit satisfied until I had fucked this girl and I mean until I had fucked her every which way that we could fit together. After a few minutes of foreplay with me rubbing her tight little pussy and sucking her gorgeous big nippled tits and her rubbing all over me and licking all over me, sucking on me a little until I couldn't stand it any longer. I stood up and guided her to the edge of the bed. I entered her doggy style. What an ass! It was high, tight, perfectly shaped and just a bit on the generously proportioned side for a girl of her size. In short it was pretty much perfect. Just as I felt myself entering that no man's land and the point of no return I stopped. Pulled out. I rolled her over onto her back. She pulled me down onto her and I wwas cleared for reentry. I fucked her missionary for another Ten or Fifteen minutes. Again just bbefore I reached that point of no return I ppulled out. For Five minutes or so I kissed and ccaressed her. When things were under control I
laid down on my back and guided her up on top of me. She lowered herself down impaling herself with my still raging hard cock. This was the best! I got to see and play with all of my favorite things! And she was a vision sitting up there riding my cock like she was in the Cuntfucky derby bringing the winner down the home stretch! More waves of intense pleasure swept over me as I blasted my load up into her. I continued to spasm with violently pleasurable waves of that orgasm for another Forty seconds or so. Finally it subsided. We took a break of about Forty-Five minutes. She had some wine. We listened to more music.

When things started up again it was Two-Thirty in the morning. Who gave a fuck? She didn't seem concerned at all. She started sucking my dick again. That continued for about Ten minutes. Then I titty fucked her for a while. Then I brought out some special lubricant. It was time for me to get to the bottom of things. I guided her into the same position as I had put her in to fuck her doggy style. This time though I brought my stiffened cock right up to her little pink and red rosebud of an asshole. I lubed it up well. Really good in fact. Still, even with that, it was tough sledding. Slow going. I pushed my way in trying to hurt her just a little, taking care not to hurt her too much.

Her back arched as she would react by trying to pull away but each time she forced herself to remain in position. What a good little soldier! After what seemed like half an hour or so...I finally was in. All the way in! It was still impossibly tight but smooth. Suddenly the wave of sensation hit me and swept me away before I could do anything to resist it. Another massive super intense orgasm swept through my entire being.

We took another half hour rest before I saddled up one last time and took her missionary style, slow, easy and relaxed I brought her to Three or Four pretty solid nuts of her own...before I couldn't tell you if she had or hadn't...that's how into it I was. This last time she definitely got hers and I rode her for close to an hour finishing up hard until the two of us came within a minute of each other and collapsed together in a sweaty heap. I took her home at Six-Fifteen, on Sunday morning. I didn't accompany her inside. So I don't know what her sister's reaction was. I will advise the blog of any further developments.


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