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8/30/2006 10:44 pm

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3:00am She knocked on his door. Waking he answers wearing only his robe. "Yes?"
"I'm here to take you up on your offer" she says.
"Oh yes I remember" Months ago he remembered telling her anytime she was horny she was welcome to come over and get taken care of.
He takes her hand and leads her into the bedroom. Standing behind her, takes her coat and tosses it onto the chair. He wraps his arms around her waist. Kisses her neck for the first time. She sighs and pushes back against him. His hands move up her front to the top buttons of her blouse. One by one he opens them. Stepping back he slips the blouse from her shoulders, pooling at her feet. Her bra follows. His lips play upon her neck tasting the slight saltiness of her skin. Kissing, licking, nipping gently, moving down her back. Back and forth, leaving no spots untouched.
Lower her moves. Kneeling behind her, he reaches around her. Pants button opens, zipper slowly descends. His hands finds the waist band and works the tight fabric over her hips and down her legs. Caressing the smooth flesh as she steps out of the denim.
Standing he turns her to face him, his robe opens as she steps forward into his arms. She feels his manhood rising, nudging against her. Turning she crawls onto the bed. Laying face up.

He takes her foot in his hand and brings it to his lips as he climbs onto the bed.
A kiss, a lick. to her ankle, gentle nips, tasting her hot skin, his hands caressing her legs higher and higher. His lips following along.
She sighs as he gently and completely relaxes her with kisses and touches. Her legs open as he mover further up the bed. His lips reach her knees and above. Now her thighs are getting the caresses. His lips move higher on her thigh. A nip kiss lick a little higher. Her breathing come faster, A flush spreads from the contact of his lips to her skin to the top of her head.
Higher he moves. Closer to her center, closer.
He is finally at her upper thighs. she spreads her leg wide for him completely exposing her to his
eyes. His tongue traces the line between her body and thigh from bottom up. She feels his lips move across her body just below her navel to the other side of her body where she feels his tongue trace the line between her body and thigh moving down between her legs.
She reaches down and opens her self up to him. He gazes longingly at her moist opening, inviting him into her. He reaches out touches her most intimate parts. His finger traces her outer lips over the outside into the insides. Feeling the heat of her inner fire. His tongue follows the same path. Than dips down and enters her. His tongue dipping in and drawing her sweet nectar into his mouth.
His tongue swirls around inside her finally slowly moving up to the top of her opening.moving higher his tongue circles around her straining mini hard on. Teasing but not touching. Around,closer, around closer. Teasing while her hips move forward and higher "Ooooooo please" she whispers.
"Not yet" as his tongue slips between her lips and moves down further and further until she feels him at her puckered little butt. His tongue flicks than moves up to her hard nubbin. Around and slowly all the way back down again and up.
Her hips are involuntarily moving up and down , back and forth forward and back.
His kiss she feels on her lower belly, His tongue dips into her belly button. His body moves up the bed. She feels his hardness on her leg moving up leaving a warm trail of moisture. His lips moving higher, higher, His cock moving closer and closer to her center. He sees how hard her nipples have become. His mouth traces the curves of her breasts. Around each of them coming close the her straining nipples passing close. Just missing teasing her again. Further up he moves. She tries to feel everything at once, His body pressing against hers, his lips at her chest, His legs alongside hers. His hard manhood moving up her thigh. His hands caressing her body.

His lips reach her neck as his cock reaches her center. His tongue traces her jaw line as the head of his hardness touches and opens her lips.
His lips meet hers and the head of his cock slips between her lips. As his tongue enters her mouth for their first kiss his hardness enters he hot wetness for the first time.
As their kiss intensifies his cock slides deeper. Completely engulfed by her, completely filled by him, her orgasm hits full force squeezing and milking the come right out of his raging hard on.
Collapsing together. Out of breath they lay together.

Hope you enjoyed reading this memory as much as I have enjoyed reliving it. Any comments would be appreciated

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8/31/2006 6:07 pm

WOW - what time can i knock on your door??

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