Episode One  

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11/22/2005 4:41 pm

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Episode One

You’ve been coming over here for a couple of weeks now and you still get a rush of excitement every time. Last time was one of the best times yet ‒ though you recall thinking that the last time you arrived here too.
The last couple of times you managed to make it over here before he had made it home so you could surprise him when he came upstairs. This is the first time that you plan on spending more than just a couple of hours here. This time your whole weekend is free and you are not sure what he has planned for you.
You’ve managed to make it home again before him. The dog knows you quite well by now and he is very happy to see you. You enter the hallway and pet the dog for a little before taking your jacket off and heading upstairs. You grab your Collar and head up the stairs, stopping in the bathroom to take a quick piss.
You walk across to the Room and start removing your clothes. You push your shoes under the futon and slip off your pants. You fold them and place them on the empty shelf. You shirt is placed on top of them and you pull your underwear and socks off, standing completely naked. You like this part a lot ‒ being naked all of the time. Your dick has been hard as a rock since you headed up the stairs and you can’t wait for tonight. You buckle the Collar on.
You move over and take the Blindfold out, sinking onto the futon to sit for a couple minutes until he arrives. You hear a car and tie the Blindfold on as you move to the corner.
You hear him enter and greet the dog, amazed at how sharp your hearing is when you have the Blindfold on. You hear head up the stairs and hear him enter the room. You can tell that he is standing in the doorway watching you and your cock begins to throb. Your hands are at your side and you feel an intense urge to stroke your cock but know that you aren’t allowed unless he says so. He comes over to you and you feel his hand cup your cheek and then drift down across your chest to your belly. As it approaches your crotch it slips to the side and you feel his other hand touch you and both hands come to rest on your hips. His hands run up and down your sides before slipping around to cup your ass. They then withdraw and you hear him leave the room.
You can hear him undress across the hall and you hear him shut the bathroom door. Water runs in the sink and a few moments later is shut off. He comes back into the room and you hear him walk over to the box and open it. The leash is attached to your collar and you are lead out of the room around the corner into the other bedroom ‒ the one with the big brass bed. You are lifted up onto the bed and then laid back with your legs dangling over the edge. He moves your arms out and to the side and you can feel him slip the chains around your wrists. The silk of his robe as he moves your arms around brushes against your cock and sends a shiver of ecstasy through your body. This is new ‒ you’ve never left the room before.
His fingers wander all over your body, almost tickling, raising goose bumps all over you. You can feel a drop of precum leak from your cock. Your still waiting for him to stroke you but other than the robe sliding across your dick he has been careful to keep it from coming in contact with any part of his body.
You feel him kiss your left nipple, his beard tickling as his tongue manipulates the hard pink nub. His mouth moves to the other one and his hand replaces his tongue as it comes into contact with your right nipple. They caress you and another drop of precum leaves your dick. His tongue works it s way down your chest to your stomach and the trail of hair leading to your bush. His hands slip onto your thighs, stroking them and pushing them apart and up so that they come to rest on your chest. Your balls are hanging in a tight sack and you feel him blow air across them, sending another shiver up your spine and another drop of precum down your dick. His fingers make contact with your balls, sliding over them gently, making your cock throb even more. Suddenly the hands with draw and you hear him leave the room.
Moments pass for what seems like hours but was probably only a few minutes and you hear him return to the room. His hand returns to your balls only now its cold from holding a glass and you shiver. They warm as he rolls your balls around in their tight sack. You can feel his lips on your nuts and you moan with pleasure as his tongue swabs them down. First one is drawn into his sucking mouth and then released to be replaced with the other. He sucks your nuts for a few moments before the hand reaches out to draw them up and a finger slides down to the patch of skin and hair that separates your nuts from your asshole.
The nail of his finger traces the seam of flesh down from your balls almost to your pucker before sliding back up. Your cock is lying smack against your belly, oozing lube onto your tummy. You want him to stroke you so badly you almost beg him to. Waves of pleasure roll through you from his fingers. You’re not quite sure why but you’ve never been this excited or aroused before. He kisses your thighs, stroking them as his hand slowly moves around up and down the seam. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. His hand and his mouth leaves you and you can tell he is pausing. His pause lets you catch your breath but your cock is as hard as it has ever been in your life and he still hasn’t touched it yet.
Moments that seem like hours later, his hands slide across your body again almost grazing your cock. Your legs are pushed back further and you can feel him slide a couple of pillows under your ass. Your asshole is now completely exposed to him and you feel quite nervous and vulnerable. His hands caress your nuts again then slide down the seam to your pucker. They withdraw and you hear him stick the finger in his mouth, moistening it with saliva. Saliva is dribbled onto the pucker of your ass and his finger tip swirls it around sending shivers through you. You’ve never thought your ass could generate so much pleasure on its own and your cock is REALLY throbbing now as his finger circles your lips.
His finger departs and you feel his tongue down there. It wiggles around sending wave after wave of pleasure through you as it wriggles around the soft pink folds of your asshole. His hands caress your ass and thighs, pulling your cheeks apart so his tongue can slip further into you ‒ the best part of this is his beard also sending a thousand little prickles of pleasure through you as his tongue dances around your insides. Just when you think you can’t stand anymore his tongue withdraws.
Seconds pass becoming minutes and you hear him take a drink of something from a glass with ice in it. A cold finger swirls its way cross your asshole where his warm tongue had found such a welcome home just moments before. Cold hands make contact with your balls and you shiver for what seems like the thousandth time tonight. You hear him chewing ice and you wonder where his cold tongue will land next when you feel the cold lips of his mouth slide over your cockhead just as his finger grazes the seam of your ass and slips inside your hole. In seconds you are spurting one of the biggest loads of your life.
You have no idea how long you’ve been here but already this has been one of the most intense orgasms of your life. And the weekend has just begun. . .

outdoorsguy04055 53M
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12/12/2005 4:15 pm

sounds incredible.....where can i find someone to do that to me...I want so badly to have a prostate orgasm......

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