2nd part of Fantasy or Fact  

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12/8/2005 7:15 am

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2nd part of Fantasy or Fact

A stranger walks into the room, I try to cover myself. You say “it is Okay this is a friend of mine”. I look at him he looks at me and says he says “interesting” I like my women big with big tits and a big ass. Then he comes over to me and starts kissing me while at the same time his hands go between my legs, he rubs his hand against my fanny. Then he moves to my tits they are so hard they are hurting. He takes the nipples in his fingers and runs his thumbs over them. He says to you the “two together” you say “yes”. The two of ye start sucking my tits, it feels so good.
My fanny is getting wetter I want to finger myself but I can’t. Then, both of ye take off your cloths. The stranger tells me to take off mine except for the hold up stockings and shoes. He says to you “which way do you want to do this”. I say I will do you two “together.” I go down on my knees and take both stiff hard cocks in my hands then I start kiss and sucking them in turn.

Then you say “enough” or we come and it is too early for that yet. You tell me to get up on the table again I do. You tell me to open my legs I so, I am so wet you go down on your knees between my spread legs. You spread the lips on my fanny and you start playing with my clit, then you suck it, while you finger my vagina, I say it is good but I want something bigger and longer than you finger. You say in time, I will have something bigger and longer but you ask how big or how about two medium size dicks in the one hole at the same time, thinking about this makes worse, I want it now.
The stranger starts sucking my tit while he plays with the other one. I am eventually lying across the table, you at my wet fanny and he then puts his dick into my mouth it is big, but all I can think about is what you said about the two dicks in my fanny I am wondering if it is possible.

I am sucking his cock while you suck my fanny. It is a fanny fantastic feeling. Then you decide to change places but first you tell me to turn and lie across the table face down. I do as I am told for the moment, I will get my own time to give orders. You go in front of my face and put your dick into my mouth, your friend goes behind me and starts fingering me and he says to you “she is so wet.” You say “put it in, as you always had this fantasy of your dick being sucked while I was being fucked at the other end” so he slips his dick into my fanny. You say to me “Suck me hard” I suck.
While I am sucking you he is fucking me from behind. I am dripping wet. You say “turn over” as you want to play my tits, another of your fantasies. I turn on my back, each of you start sucking my tits. Then you put your finger into my fanny, and you tell your friend to put his dick into me again. You know I am near Cuming he puts his dick in and you open my legs wide and you start fingering my clit while he fucks my vagina, I start Cuming and you keep on doing it. I shout out, you start sucking on my tits again as you know that I love my tits being sucked when I am cuming.
Your friend pulls out of my fanny and tells me to suck him, you say hold on for a minute. You lie on the couch and tell me to ride you. Your dick goes right in as I am so wet. Your friend stands at my head and puts his dick into my mouth.

You start fingering my clit you know my spots and I start Cumming harder you finger quicker up your friend pulls out of my mouth and jerks off over my tits.

Since you did a good job I ask you which way you want it. You say which ever way so I decide I will force you to choose “So I say “tell me now or…”
You say “I want to cum twice, so a Blow Job, but only if you swallow.” “Yes I reply of course I will swallow.” I sit on the table and you stand on the chair. I take your dick in my hand and start licking your balls then I start at the base of your dick and I lick my way up until I get to the top I can see a bead of cum on the top I lick it off then I take your cock into my mouth and start sucking gently at first then a bit harder.

I suddenly think of the bottle of strawberry sauce in the fridge and tell your friend to get it, he does but he is curious as to what I am going to do with it. I tell him to watch and learn. He leans back on the table and watches. I pour some on the top of your dick the cold shocks you at first then I lick if off, I ask you do you like it, you reply what do you think, do it again, I pour more on and let it run down the sides and start licking from your balls up to the tip then I take you fully into my mouth and suck you off, your cum tastes like strawberry sauce, it makes a nice change.

You tell me to sit on the table then you take the bottle of strawberry sauce and pour it over my tits then you and your friend start licking it off. Your friend says nice touch I never thought of that before. Your friend asks what else I have in the fridge I reply the normal vegetables he asks “do you have a cucumber” I say yes but why, then I suddenly think of the cucumber about how long and big it is and I start smiling, he goes to the fridge and takes it out. It is big and cold. He says you want to try I reply try to stop me, I am grinning thinking about it, he comes over to me and tells me to suck it like I would his dick I do as I know where it is going to go after and I really want it. He is holding it while I suck it, then he takes it out of my mouth and starts rubbing it over my tits, it is getting me going again, then it slips it lower and he says do you really want it, I reply “YES, YES”, he slides it in to my fanny and puts it in a bit further I say further so he does, it is fantastic, I can feel it sliding it all the way in, all I can think of is if only there was someone that I knew of with a cock like that then he would be able to ram it into me and have his balls banging against my arse, Oh fuck I am cumming and I can’t stop “A big black cock is all I can think of banging me” FUCK ME, FUCK ME.

You put my hands behind my back and told me that I couldn’t touch ye with my hands only my mouth, I was to be your slave for a while, I thought this could be fun having your own sex slave. I get you to pour the sauce on your friend’s nipples and I start licking it off. Then you put it on his dick and tell me to “suck it off” I do it as I am a sex slave but all the time I am thinking I can use this again. As I am sucking it off him I look at you. You are looking at me licking and sucking him you are getting excited again I can see your cock rising again. I open my legs so you can see my fanny I can’t believe it I want it again, you put hand over and say you want it again, I just open my legs a bit more, that is all the encouragement that you need.
You start fingering me while you are watching me suck your friend’s dick. You say “open your legs wider” I do you go down on your knees in front of the chair I am sitting on you say come forward on the chair” I do, then you start licking and sucking my clit. Your friend starts Cuming again he has pulled out of my mouth the spunk is running down my chin and tits. Then you say get up for a minute, my legs can barely hold me. You sit on a chair and tell me to sit on your lap with my back facing you. As I go to sit on you, you put your dick into my fanny; you put your arms round me and start playing with my nipples. You are in so deep in me and my legs are spread so wide apart. The door suddenly opens we are so far gone we don’t hear it.

rm_paddyraf10 36M

12/9/2005 8:37 am

wow babe i really want to try that with u im hard thinking about it, giveme a call and we can try to re act it anywhere u want

THEsmiley41 55M
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12/13/2005 8:34 am

mood: aroused.
no wonder - good stuff I enjoyed reading, doing might be something too.


rm_hasbeenthere 43M
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3/6/2006 2:59 am

count me in if you want to try that for real it realy dose it for me.

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