Societies downfall?  

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5/25/2006 6:13 pm

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Societies downfall?

sfvppl818 5/24/2006 2:19 am
"Increasingly, men are dropping out and tuning in - to television and the Internet, in particular, where they now find themselves depressed, isolated, and sedentary. And as they sit there, growing more obese than any generation in human history, they are fueling spectacular growth in the pornography and sports industries. It is not, shall we say, a pretty picture.

So, men. . .hello? Agree? Disagree? Anything to say for yourselves?

(Cue sound effects of crickets chirping.)

Okay, I'll say something. As alarming as these trends may sound, I, personally, don't feel like life is in a steep decline or even in a downward trajectory. The fact that women are in charge of their own birth control and reproduction may be a gigantic cultural shift, but I've yet to hear a single man complain about it. (On the contrary, I've heard only applause.) In general, the men I know love the fact that their wives work and make money - the more the better, as far as they're concerned (though there are plenty of men out there, I know, who prefer their wives stay at home). In terms of helping out around the house ... well, I'm sure men differ on this as well. But there is a species referred to as the "enlightened" man who absolutely grooves on this new role. You see him everywhere - in playgrounds, in the supermarket, at PTA meetings. He can't get enough. He's doing it all with gusto - working, parenting, fucking - and the phrase "in decline" is probably not how he would describe himself.

Of course, it's difficult for people to recognize a social trend developing before their very eyes, and the conventional wisdom is that it may be impossible for men to see anything past ESPN or Jenna Jameson. You see, women determine the fads and styles while the men market and profit from them. I can say this quite comfortably because men have been ego-stroked as the sex that makes shit happen - so tragic, too, because they can't see shit until the dope stick smacks them at halftime.

Well, I believe this bullshit's gotta stop - even though we all agree that men won't say crap about anything beyond sex, their sexual exploits, and chasing down the next object of their so-called pleasure. Other women - not me - love to say it's how they're "wired." They're wired to keep emotions to themselves, to soldier on in silence, to say things like, "I'll go down there and talk to the guy tomorrow and get a refund. There's nothing you can do about it." Or they're wired to just want to make everything all better, to instantly "solve" problems rather than - God forbid - talk about themselves.

Is it any surprise that Jesus made a resurgence? He's become a religious verson of The Stones, and oldie but goodie, with every freaking evangelist thrusting a Bible like Keith Richards does his guitar. Toss your mistakes into the Jesus Fountain like a handful of coins, and presto ... no reason to speak of those hot little trysts with the temp secretary and her incredible chest or silly mistakes you made with the family nest egg in Vegas.

True, men are still men, and men are not women - glory be to God. But introspection and soul-searching are perhaps not their natural modus operandi. Most turn into the bastard on the couch or the asshat gripping the remote control, but overall the detachment is what makes it sting and assessing blame - just another wasteful exercise.

Do this now, before that long pondering on the subject of where did I go wrong becomes a circling-the-airport approach to what you already know, which is your own insecurities. Quit drilling deeper and deeper, trying to figure out why you've arrived at this particular destination and whether it's a good place for you to stay or not.

Still, there's a vast, shark-infested gulf between wanting to explore something intensely personal and actually pulling it off, and each time you could wait with trepidation, anxious to see if he could communicate squat. But sometimes, you run into a smart, thoughtful, literate man who can lay it bare when it comes to relationships, desires, and fears. From the no-holds barred sexual adventurism and exploits to the devastating indictments of relationsips gone horribly wrong ... when they joined the ranks of bastard on the couch but are no longer afraid to analyze, think or communicate anything - having been thrown into the pool of enlightenment.

I should say up front that this collection does not pretend to reflect the state of all men. Just make sure you haven't become the Bitch of the House ... because if you have, more than likely you have a bastard on the couch.

Then again, I could ramble on for hours about why I fail to understand most everything - because freedom starts in the mind.

I found mine way too early to comprehend."

It's not just the men that make this world what it is. Women contribute to it by letting "their man" do these things. In societies' past and in small isolated parts of the world women basically ran the house, while men "brought home the bacon". As society developed "more free time" has encouraged us to do what we want, to become lazy, pathethic slobs. No one encourages us to use our hands and make something useful, or to use our brains and expand our minds. Initiative is something that we all have to take upon ourselves. That very thing is missing in society today. Something that we all have to work on, including myself. (always room for improvement) We should encourage others to do the same. Life's not something that one should waste on just work and setting on the couch watching the boob tube or surfing porno sites. It's something to cherish, to nurture, to expand upon, a building block for the soul.

P. S. Thanks, sfvppl818, for inspiring this post.

IrishJilli1605 30F

5/26/2006 4:02 am

BRAVO!!! Well said!


5/26/2006 7:41 am

My catch phrase IRL if your life sucks it is cause you do! Awesome post! Blog on! {=}

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Thank you IrishJilli1605

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    Quoting MOfunNOWWOW:
    My catch phrase IRL if your life sucks it is cause you do! Awesome post! Blog on! {=}
Thanks for stoppping by MOfunNOWWOW.

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