True Hearts  

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8/28/2006 3:32 am

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True Hearts

[COLOR skyblue]In this crazy world of homo saipens ( humans we called ourselves) many times . we failed to live our lives with a true heart in love.. people wear masks even sometimes with layers of them . They dont speak what their hearts think, when they say they love u--- it could be your $/ or u able to provide them with money to spent, a house over their head and have kids but their heart is not with u . sad isn't it...... or probaly because of their loneliness they get hitch because they want someone by their side who loves him/her more..... but stray because they need some extra 'activities' to spice up their lives.....

we born into this world with a pair of eyes/ears /hands/legs/ a mouth/ a nose /hair and your reproductive organs. yet as we grown older we forget we r all equal when we r born and same on the day we die..... yet when we choose friends/partners we look at age / height/education/race/nationality and earning power.... the pure hearts that came with us when we r born is lost slowly and those who retain some part of it search this lonely and looney planet of ours for the true love and true friends-----one that till death do us aparts / forever friends.

Irony indeed even swans ,beautiful creatures do stick to one partner till their limited life span..... humans r such weak creatures at times dont we..... i use to have that mentality at teen age; somehow life as i said is full of irony, things u wishes to do might just turn the opposite direction... maybe when people get enough of sex ( sex without feelings) till they r really tired then they will tend to their true hearts in term of love.

men or women strays for many reasons, we r never to judge who's right or who's wrong.

As for dealing with friendship only when he/she meet a storm ,friends who offer their help and make u realise how often we failed to cherish them that easily.they are the ones who will say words that does not sound soothing to your ears; and help u up when u 'break' your legs with their hands and legs till u are well and able to walk again.

As for the other "friends" that go clubbing and drinking or even tour together has all flock away like migrating birds in winter when u r in deep "shit". To them u and u yourself are already of no use to them and avoids u as if u were some kind of virus going to become an outbreak.

i know there are alot of hypocrites out there around us , at work/friends/on the streets or even your own relatives.But people think again if u (never ever open your heart) and be "real" and "true" to someone, then how on earth do u think u will ever meet another true and real person in life to share your little secrets and etc...

i m letting down my guards and the invisible wall i created in my heart . To seek another true heart or more the better to become my soulmates. A true hearts is the most beautiful thing on our planet; it's as beautiful as the sun rise at dawn/the spring /the white snow falling down from the sky during winter or the beautiful sea bed in the oceans where the fishes swims around.

If ever one day u meet a true heart do cherish it.There aren't many out there, an optimistic and perfectionist writer writting........[/SIZE]

partycouple6979 37M/47F
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8/28/2006 6:40 am

Cool! I hope the person you wrote this for can see the meaning behind this!

rm_sin131488 replies on 9/1/2006 7:39 am:
welcome u to read it again as there are slight changes to the original version, hope u guys like it. have fun and live truely and happily . best wishes from singapore.

Damn_Dilemma 49F

9/4/2006 8:11 am

I've been married but refuse to engage in infidelity. If I make a vow to the one I love, that love will be his only and nobody elses!
You've read my blogs so you know where I'm coming from.
I'm divorced but have an imacable relationship with my kids father tho we don't share the same bed!

rm_sin131488 replies on 9/4/2006 8:29 am:
hi honey nice to see u here, u r a few of the rare species left on earth honey {=}.

u r special and a beautiful one too. nice to know u as a friend

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