sex and 64 bit computing and certain young lady  

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3/29/2006 5:03 pm

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sex and 64 bit computing and certain young lady

I had a telephone call which made me laugh a customer of mine recommend me to some one else who phoned me up.

She asked me to build the most powerful computer

I did not take the first phone call seriously

But after a second chat it seemed the woman was

So I went about getting prices dual boot of
coarse or even quad boot if neccessary

I'am sure I was in competion with dell but as I
say pc world sells calculators and I build

Dell sells out of $10,000 Renegade PC

This is what I was up against but I'am sure I'd
quoted a better machine

There was shock when I gave the woman the price
reaction was everything her budget was acutally
£600 so this month I've got to build a few more

Its a shame because I'd planned to take the rest
of the week off and look at webcams when the
women say where's you webcam I've got the perfect
excuse nothing much works much works with 64 bit
xp and absolutly nothing works with vista

A word of warning if you never utter the words to
a pc salesman that you want the most powerfull
pc in the world unless you have very deep pockets
and a large cheque book

May what ever maker you beleieve in keep you safe
harm and hold you in the palm of his hand.

JuicyJackie7 give me a break will you,you can't
be a hard bitch all you life or can you????

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