processor speed against memory cost  

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4/9/2006 4:19 pm
processor speed against memory cost

Hi yer all
a question I often get asked and something that I will I hope clarify in this blog.

A computers heart is a motherboard,processor and memory a lot of people make the mistake of going by the processors speed this is not wrong but also not right.

below I list 2 anologies which I hope will clarify any confussion

1)you are he processor
2)the work you have to do or task is your patio
3)the memory is a concreate mixer

It follows that the more physical memory you have the bigger the concreate mixer.

1)the fastest processor with little ram will run slower
2)than a slower processor with lots of ram

If you look at a build of say £500 to £700 you would spread the cost across all componants but a good bench mark motherboard price pay around the same for a processor and double that for a graphics card.
Windows xp in all its forms would like at least 512 mb ram (half a gig) but 1024 mb ram (1 gig) is ideal
But now for games playing 1 to 2 gig is a must this stops the hard drive being written to,the hard drive being the second slowest drive the first is the trusty dvr or cd drive.
And super fast ram not worth it its not speed but quanity of ram.
My system runs 10240 mb ~(10 gig) of pc2100 ecc registered ram, sever memory spanned over two 940 opteron processors and its like compering a bike to the space shuttle and its the quanity of ram which allows this speed.

hope this helps in a very complex subject

twin psu do help

always simon Dwi'n dy garu di

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