Self-Drive Holiday - Day 1  

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10/26/2005 2:13 am

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Self-Drive Holiday - Day 1

Arrived at 0615hrs at Perth AP. I managed to get past customs and the quarantine checks by 0700hrs, and out into the arrival hall to be greeted by my 3 lady friends - Yuki, Mayumi and Keiko.

Yuki is 28yrs, about 5'4", slim, long hair, and 38C boobs; wife of the Asia Pacific MD of a Japanese shipping company based in Singapore who is twice her age. Used to be his secretary, became his SEXretary keeping her boss happy in the office, and then became his 2nd wife. Her hubby is probably fucking his current secretary and other office ladyies while she is happy fucking other guys, like me

Mayumi - 32yrs, 5'5", slightly fuller, shoulder length hair, 36B boobs; hubby is GM of 5* hotel in Singapore. Parttime childcare centre teacher.

Keiko - 31yrs, 5'7", slim, long hair, 37D boobs; divorced and co-habiting with some rich guy in Singapore, and helping him in his business.

They picked me up and drove me to the resort where they have been staying for the last two days. Didn't get much sleep on the plane - departed at 0145hrs, slept only 2hrs before they work everyone up at 0400hrs for breakfast I was quite tired but the ladies didn't give me much chance to rest. As soon as we reached the apartment, I was quite literally Onto to the king-sized bed I went and Mayumi sat on my face with her wet pussy for me to "eat". Pinned down my Mayumi, the other two ladies undressed me and devoured by cock, then took turns to ride me while I finger-fucked the other. Tired, I wasn't able to fuck well, much to their disappointment, but they compromised. Yuki and Keiko ended up satisfying each other in a 69, while I gave Mayumi's pussy a good lick. Then we snuggled into bed together and slept till after lunch.

The rest certainly rejuvernated me. I work up in the midst of three naked bodies. As I eased out of bed, I woke Yuki. She smiled and eyed my dick lustfully. I held her hand, pulled her out of bed, and led her to the living room. I settled down on the sofa, pulling her to me as we kissed and fondled. My cock was rock hard now with her hand stroking and pumping it. She kissed her way down my body to my cock, licking its tip, then wrapping her lips around the head took it deep into her mouth and throat. As she sucked, I fondled her gorgeous boobs, pinching and rubbing her hard nipples. I beckoned her to move her pussy up so that i could finger her. I slid 3 fingers into her dripping pussy and worked on her as she worked on my cock. After an extended foreplay, she straddled me and rode me. Yuki is naturally noisy, moaning and groaning with each thrust of my cock into her pussy. I sucked her tits as she rode me, which made her even wilder and began screaming in estacy. She cummed repeatedly, juices flowing down her thighs and onto mine. I felt the pressure building up in my cock and whispered to her. She got off me and took my cock in her mouth again, sucking me as my cum burst into her mouth. She swallowed eagerly, taking every bit, and licking my cock clean. Then, she climbed back and kissed me, letting me have a taste of my cum and her juices in her mouth...

That evening, we went to Chinatown for dinner (food street). Looks like my lady friends had been keeping themselves busy before my arrival, and got to know quite a few guys at the pubs. The reason they gave was... they need someone to them "occupied" before I arrived...

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