More surprises about Eda  

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3/31/2006 11:27 pm

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More surprises about Eda

Our new maid, Eda, has been giving me endless surprises. Recently, I just discoverd from my mother that she is very IT savvy. Apparently, the PC in our living room was infected with a nasty virus. Eda managed to recover my mum's files, reformatted the hard disk and restored the system. That certainly made my mum really happy. Furthermore, she is fast gaining my mum's trust by returning promptly (in fact early) on her off days, and never once being back late.

Last night (Friday), I got home close to midnight. After taking a shower, I went down to the kitchen to get a drink. While I was there, I thought I hear some sounds from her room. Curious, I walked quietly over and as I got nearer, I could hear her moaning in the same way as when I was fucking her. Her room door wasn't locked and a gentle push opened it slightly. From the crack, I could only see the lower half of her bed and her body. Her legs were apart and bent and it looked very much like she was fingering herself. She certainly sounded like she was enjoying herself. As I watched, my dick was also hardening but I did not do anything. I didn't want to disturb her nor intrude on her privacy and so I went back to the kitchen. After finishing my snack and drink, I went back to her room. It was quiet now and dark, except for a small dim lamp. This time, I pushed the door open quietly and went it. There she was, lying totally naked in bed... gorgeous body with nice boobs, fast asleep. Then, something caught my eye... slightly blocked by her legs, was a huge dildo, about 8 inches long, and that was probably what she was using to pleasure herself earlier. It was sticky with her pussy juices... She stirred a little, turned over and continued to sleep... I left her to rest and went back to my room... thinking of what she was doing earlier...

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