Mobile phones and sex video clips saga...  

rm_simon66116 50M
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3/11/2006 5:32 pm
Mobile phones and sex video clips saga...

The recent theft of a teenage girl's mobile phone would have been just another case of theft, had she not used it to film her boyfriend and her having sex, and the thief sharing those clips on the world wide web. After watching the clips with a friend, it made us feel like we were watching a porn flick than a couple of teenagers fucking. The way she sucked her boyfriend's dick could put to shame many of the gals whom I have fucked and gotten a chance to exercise their skills on my dick. Similarly, I am also most humbled by her boyfriend's skills in using his tongue and fingers to pleasure her. And, in that short period, the number of positions they tried. Really looked like they were acting for a porn movie.

It also amazes me how technology is being used. Despite being in the IT field and aware of the latest technologies and trends, I am definitely very slow in terms of using such technologies. Considering the way they positioned the mobile phone to shoot the clips, it does take some thought and effort to capture all the important parts, like the gal's pussy when he was licking and fingering her, and emphasis on the gal sucking and enjoying his dick.

The younger generation has no qualms about nudity and sex. In my experience of taking some video clips myself, only my younger partners agreed to it readily and these are those in the late teens and early 20s. In fact, I only suggested it after seeing some clips of their fun with other guys. Well, times have changed and technology certainly played a big part in it.

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