Letting hair down  

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12/2/2005 11:42 pm

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Letting hair down

This term "letting hair down" is often used to describe letting go all inhibitions and having fun. I certainly felt it was very appropriate for my lady doctor when I happen to bump into her and her friends at a pub/disco. It has been overtime every night for me for the last 1-1/2 weeks. Finally it was over when we handed in our report on Friday afternoon. My colleagues and I decided to go for a drink to celebrate at a popular pub/disco. We were early and there weren't many people when we arrived. The crowd started coming after 7.30pm and soon the place was filled with people dancing, drinking, and simply letting their hair down. We (all guys) were just enjoying the "scenery" of gals, some in provocatively sexy outfits... At about 9pm, we noticed a group of gals arrive... one of the them looked very familiar, and of, gorgeous... in fact, all of them are attractive. All in halters, and tight slacks or skirts. Definitely look like professionals out for fun. Suddenly, it hit me... that my lady doc...wow!!! I have only seen her in her white doctor's coat, in glasses and hair tied/bun up. There she was, hair down and covering most of her bare back, her boobs straining against her oriental halter and those long sexy legs in tight black slacks. After they settled down and gotten their drinks, I decided to go over to say hello. She was surprised but looked pleased to see me. She introduced me to her friends... another doctor, a financial advisor, lawyer, and entreprenuer... all gorgeous and successful. What surprised me was the way the gals discussed sex like I wasn't there, esp her doctor friend who asked me about my illness. They danced with each other but declined all advances by guys... I guess I should consider myself lucky that I could sit and chat with them. My colleagues had already left. With more drinks, the gals got wilder and cosier with me When it was time to leave, most of them were tipsy... I guess I had to do the honour of sending them home and fortunately, my car is an MPV. The last person to reach home was the entrepreneur. I escorted her up to her flat in a private condo and when I was about to leave, she held me back. Her hand explored my body and started working my already erected dick. I thought she was drunk... but the way she sucked it certainly didn't appear so. I loosened her halter and her boobs fell out... wow... I didn't miss a moment in getting my hands on them, fondling, caressing, much to her moaning pleasure... as we threw our clothes off, she climbed onto me and stretched over the sofa to get something... that put her boobs right on my face for me to suck... mmmmmm... that something she got was a condom, which she rolled onto my hard dick, then settled herself onto me, sending my dick deep into her wet pussy... she rode me hard... our mouths locked... tongues exploring... I didn't have chance to do much except enjoy the ride. I couldn't keep it cumming and the pressure in my dick became unbearable as cum burst, filling the condom. She continued riding for some time before cumming herself, and slumped onto me. Regaining composure, she led me to the shower for a quick wash, then into bed. We slept naked in each other's arms. Some time in the night, I felt my dick being sucked and work up. It wasn't a dream. She was devouring it eagerly... this time, I wasn't going to let her do the work, so I laid her down and bonked her. In the morning, we woke up finding the condom on the bed and laughed. Before i left, we fucked again in the shower...

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12/3/2005 2:27 am

Been there and done that...more than once

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