Getting caught in a freak storm  

rm_simon66116 50M
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3/13/2006 2:01 am
Getting caught in a freak storm

The weather has recently become so unpredictable that one moment, it's nice and sunny, and the next, it's raining cats and dogs. This occurred last weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday, in the late afternoon and evening. The Saturday one was especially fun for me.

I was window shopping in Best Denki at Junction 8 for new gadgets. Then, I went down to the supermarket in the basement and saw Keiko there, shopping for groceries. Dressed in a casual halter and (very) short denim shorts, she appeared to have just walked out of her home. It wouldn't have been unusual if this had been Giant in IMM, as she lives just nearby, but this is Junction 8 which is 1/2-way across the island. Surprised to find her there, seemingly alone and dressed that way, I went up to chat with her. She smiled when she saw me and gave me a peck on the cheek, much to the envy of the guys around who have been drooling at her. It turns out that she and her boyfriend have just moved to a new house located across the road from Bishan MRT station. He was away on business, so she is still tidying up the place by herself and came out to get some groceries. She was pretty happy to see me and asked me to help her with the stuff that she has bought; not expecting to buy much, she walked from her home and did not drive. I drove her home. Once there, I noticed that some things are still in boxes to be unpacked; she was actually going to wash her car but ran out of carwash. I decided to help her and stripped down to my shorts. She pulled off her bra from under her halter and we start soaping the car. Just when we were about to rinse, it started to rain. And, in less than a minute, it was pouring so heavily that the whole place was foggy. Of course, we were drenched, and her thin halter stuck to her body like a second skin, like my shorts. We started fooling around sponging each other and chasing around the car. I slipped and grabbed her shorts pulling it down, leaving her bare bottomed. She squealed and kicked it off. I got up and chased her around the car again. Fortunately, the noise from the downpour muffled our laughter and squeals. Then, she pulled my shorts off and my already hard dick sprang out. Seeing that she pushed me onto the car bonnet and took my dick in her mouth, sucking it eagerly. As she sucked, I pulled off her halter and fondled her boobs, while enjoying her blowjob under the pouring rain. When she wanted me, she laid on the bonnet spread-eagle, fingering her pussy invitingly. I needed no further invitation and entered her in missionary position, fucking her on the car bonnet as the downpour continued. With the noise from the pouring rain deafening our moans and groans, we fucked wildly on the car, and then on the grass. I cummed over her boobs in the usual way that she loves. Not being able to do much with the car, we went indoors, dripping as we walked into the bathroom. She filled the jacuzzi and I sat on the edge for her to suck my dick again. I stayed over for the night to keep her company and of course, happily occupied.

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