Full day of tiring meetings... with some...  

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9/20/2005 9:24 pm

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Full day of tiring meetings... with some...

After that lucky encounter with the two gals at the airport, today was an entire turn-off... well, there may be some hope. I left the hotel early after giving the two sisters a final screw in the bathroom, caught my flight to DC and arrived on time for the lunch meeting. It was a project negotiation and there were many issues to discuss, which we need to finish by today as the bosses were scheduled to sign the contract tomorrow afternoon. Despite the work, I can't help noticing this sexy petite ABC (American-Born Chinese) working for our future business partner. She was wearing this smart white suit which was cut low to reveal a nice firm cleavage probably supported by a push up bra. Her suit was tight at the waist while her boobs looked that they were going to burst her jacket open anytime. She was petite and that made her boobs look really big. Add her long hair that went down her back, she was a definite turn on. If we had been alone in the meeting room, I would have fucked her on the conference table right there and then; just like the way I did my secretary, Jun, months ago. Recalling that day, Jun came into my office wearing a white suit exactly like her, cut low and boobs showing. I didn't notice at first as she was carrying a stack of files with documents for me to sign. As she stood next to me, placing each file in front of me, I noticed her perfume and each time she raised her hand to sweep her long hair back, her jacket opened up more to show her boobs, supported by a black lacy half cup bra. That gave me a really hard on which i tried to hide under the table. Then, she reminded me that I need to reply some emails. As i fumbled with my computer, she asked me to move aside so that she could pull up those that i needed to reply. I pushed my chair back as she eased between me and my keyboard. I tried to stand up so that she could sit, but that just pushed my hardon onto her tight bums. She let out a moan. I took it as a sign of pleasure and sat back down pulling her onto me. There is no way she cannot feel my hard cock pressing against her through my pants. She hardly resisted when i slipped my hands around her and grabbed her boobs. she turned back to kiss me. in no time, her suit was on the table and she was stark naked except for her high heels, bent over my table. i devoured her shaven pussy which was dripping wet. I told her that i loved shaved pussies. she did it because she loves thong bikinis. Soon, my hard dick was pumping her pussy in rapid strokes, deep and fast. She was talking dirty, begging me to fuck her harder. We fucked for pretty long, changing positions a few time, from table, to doggie on floor, to her riding me, and then sitting on me facing away so that i could grab her boobs... we finally cummed together with her sitting on me. As we rested, I confessed to her that I was dying to fuck her for so long. She laughed and revealed that since the time she peeked and saw me fucking one of my other fuck buddies, she too had been dying for the feeling of my cock in her pussy. Anyway, after that day, Jun and I fucked as often as we could in the office and elsewhere. She has also started coming to work braless knowing that i loved it.

Back to reality now... there was this hot babe... well, after the contract is signed, I am certainly going to make my move...

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