Friday afternoon....  

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11/18/2005 8:52 pm

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Friday afternoon....

It was certainly a relief to have recovered from that allergy; but now, it seems that I am going to have to live with it. So, I got a card that I have to carry with me saying that I am allergic to this particular type of medication.

What is more important is... I am back to my horny self again Friday afternoon is usually a slow day in the office where everyone is getting ready for the weekend. My partner has already left (straight after lunch) for a weekend getaway and romp with his new bed partner... one of our two receptionists whom I have the opportunity to fuck on numerous occasions in my room. Nice young Filipino gal, pleasant personality and always smiling, nice firm boobs, and tight pussy... just perfect. He is definitely going to enjoy his weekend. His wife is away for a few weeks to visit her family back in Europe and he is free to have all his fun.

I was scrolling through some of the photos I took during the trip to West Oz with my 3 Japanese lady frens. Most of the photos are with them but I managed to capture a few on my mobile phone (pic of Keiko on left, with her permission of course). Can still remember the fun we had on the beach at Margaret River with a couple of surfers... we were sun tanning on a secluded part of the beach and there wasn't anyone around. The gals got daring and stripped their bikinis off, saying that they don't want tan lines... so I joined in the fun. My good ol dick was in full attention no sooner which made them horny. Keiko became notti and started to play with my dick. Of course, I returned the favour with my fingers in her pussy. It wasn't long before she was riding me. The other two gals joined in the fun too. The beach wasn't as deserted as we thought and Keiko's moans were certainly heard. There were two surfers watching and cheering us less than a few metres away.

Mayumi waved them over and as they approached, they stripped off their trunks exposing their already erect dicks. The two gals didn't waste any time with those guys. While I fucked Keiko, the surfers led the gals to the sea and continued fucking them there. Soon Keiko and I joined them in the surf too...

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