Chinese New Year and meeting relatives...  

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2/18/2006 5:53 am

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Chinese New Year and meeting relatives...

Chinese New Year is usually an uninteresting (if not boring) time for me; time is usually spent bringing my parents to visit relatives. This year wasn't much different, at least in the beginning. My granduncle hosts the yearly family gathering at his bungalow where relatives from near and far come together to meet once a year. When I was a child, I used to enjoy it as it was time for fun and games with my cousins. That was more than 25 years ago. Now, most of the cousins with whom I played with are married with kids and are now watching over them as they played like we did years ago. There are many relatives whom I have not met before, and of course, some gorgeous looking babes too. One in particular, caught my eye - a tall slim babe, long black hair with streaks of red, wearing a sexy red oriental halter blouse that bared her entire back, red silk slacks and stiletto heels, also red. That is a really hot one. Mostly, she was chatting with a group of elderly ladies and I didn't have a chance to get to know her. Anyway, when it was time to get something to eat, I was somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of food. The host provide a delicious buffet spread with never ending supply of food for the guests. I took my time to walk around and pick. "Simon!!! Is that you???" someone called me. I turned around to a pleasant surprise... standing there was the hot babe in red. She seems to know me, but I just can't place her anywhere in my memory... "Its me, Tina! Don't you remember???" Tina? It can't be that Tina... that cousin who used to stick with me like a leech when we were children and the guys always played together without the gals. "Are you still avoiding me????" she asked jokingly as she approached me, arms apart to hug me. I quickly put my plate down to receive the hug She threw herself onto me and hugged me tightly. Of course, I returned the hug and commented how much she has changed and grown... esp those boobs of hers which felt great on my chest. "Wah... so red!!!" I commented about her outfit... "Yah lor!!! Gramps insist that I must wear all red." Her "Gramps" is my granduncle and she is his favourite only granddaughter. Somehow, my hands slipped down her waist to her bottoms and stroked her bums. She seems to enjoy the attention i am giving her. "let's get something to eat and catch up..." I was more than glad to agree. We got our food and she led me into the house to her room. Despite being away most of the time, my granduncle keeps her room available and ready for her. We chatted over the food, catching up on time, from the time her parents move to the US when she was 10. She is now a patent lawyer who specializes in high tech cases involving patents and IP. We were sitting on the sofa and she was leaning against me, feeding me as I casually fondled her. I shared with her my life and work... "So, why aren't you married...? How many girlfriends do you have???" She asked. "Many many many..." I replied. "Do you do it with them...?" I smiled again... "What about you? Married? Boyfriend?" We didn't get much further with the conversation as we started kissing and fondling. She straddled me and pulled my shirt off as I fondled her gorgeous boobs. She loosened the straps on her blouse to let me pull it off. I sucked her nipples and licked her boobs eagerly. "Hmmmmmmmm... Simon" she moaned. "Is that the way you please your girlfriends?" "I want you...." My hands slipped into her slacks to discover that she wasn't anything under. She pulled the cord and slipped them off to expose her shaven pussy. My hand stroked her bare pussy and slid my fingers in. SHe moaned loudly as I finger fucked her, while pulling her to me and sucking her boobs. As she enjoyed herself, her hands were unbuckling my pants and getting them off. WE changed position while keeping my fingers in her pussy so that she can now suck my cock as i finger her. She was really good at that... Then she climbed over and sat on my cock, letting it slide into her wet pussy. She held my shoulders tightly as she rode me wildly, kissing me and telling me how much she wanted me to fuck her. My hands grabbed her boobs and massaged her nipples, much to her delight. She moaned loudly each time i rubbed her nipples too vigorously and gripped my shoulders tightly. Her juices flowed freely over my thighs as she cummed over and over again. I could feel my own peak approaching as the pressure built up in my cock. I moved my hands to her bums and pulled her strongly towards me with each thrust. She anticipated that and increased the momentum, thrusting her hips harder and faster, until we both cummed together, exhausted. She hugged me tightly, with my cock still inside her, cum filling her pussy, mixing with her juices. She didn't make any effort to move off and we just hugged. I carried her to the bed and laid her down, keeping my cock inside her all the while. We continued petting and fondling in bed until i became hard again for another round of fucking... When we finally finished 3 hours later, cleaned up and went back down, no one missed us...

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2/18/2006 6:59 am

hmmmmmm chinese new year sounds exciting to me!!!

Purry {=}


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