Boring Friday until....  

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12/10/2005 12:56 am

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Boring Friday until....

It was a boring day with meetings that ended past 5.30pm. I left our client's office in the Central Business District just before 6pm and felt a bit lost, not knowing where to go or what to do. I decided to go for a cuppa coffee at Coffee Beans just round the corner. The place was rather deserted too, with a few customers chatting and sipping their coffees; I guess most people have gone off for their Friday night fun. I was halfway thru my favourite caramel mocha when I noticed a sleek lady in a white suit walked in. Couldn't see her face... just the white jacket that tapered to a slim waist, over a micro mini skirt that barely covered her thighs. Her long hair flowed down her back. She walked over to the end of the counter to pick up her coffee and when she turned around, our eyes met. We smiled... it was entrepreneur lady She joined me at my table and we made smalltalk. Apparently, she was still working because she has an overseas teleconf at 8pm. She invited me up to her office, which I gladly obliged.

Her office was spacious... her table was tidy and clear... there was a large meeting table and nice leather couch for visitors. Her leather chair was huge... we didn't waste any time with smalltalk and started petting and fondling. Soon, all clothes were off and I was humping her wilding on the couch. Just then, her phone rang and she walked over to her desk to answer. As she bent over the table, I took her from the rear. Her feigned annoyance didn't stop me from fucking her from behind as she talked on the phone. She managed to curb her moans despite my forceful thrusts and sound proper to whoever she was talking to After she hung up, she pushed me back to the couch and sat on my cock. She rode me while forcing her great boobs on my face - i sucked her tits gladly. We fucked for about 45min before cumming together...

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