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3/23/2006 4:35 pm
Slave Kitten

I checked my mail box today and I still haven't received a brochure from Sex Addicts Anonymous. No one has called me, either.

So, I turned my profile back on at ALT.

I still maintain that I'm not really addicted to sex, but it's not such a good sign that I'm actively looking for another blogging outlet.

It is a stunningly beautiful day in LA. I could be:

-working out
-developing a sound marketing strategy for my business
-signing up with Big Sisters again
-assorted other productive activities

Instead, I'm blogging on AdultFriendFinder and turning another profile back on.

Still, I am eating an apple, rather than snorting heroin, so let's look on the sunny side.

I could just go to a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting, rather than waiting for someone to call.
But I'd have to get drunk first. That brings up a whole host of other issues. And when I arrived at the Sex Addicts meeting they would tell me that I was in the wrong meeting.

I'd tell them, "No, I'm not in the wrong meeting, I'm a sex addict."

The Secretary would say, "You don't smell like one, you smell like an alcoholic. Prove you're a sex addict."

I'd answer, "How can I do that, Master?"

And that would be the wrong thing to say to a Secretary who is a dominant in recovery. I'd be on my knees in a New York minute (because I'm drunk) and he'd be eating his five-year birthday cake while I was sucking his cock in front of everyone.

And that just wouldn't be right.

I don't really think I'm a much of a submissive, so not sure why I turned ALT back on. But maybe all I need for what ails me is a good spanking,and
a drill sergeant pulling me away from the computer.

(or maybe I'm looking for a dominant like Colette's husband - he locked her in a room and made her write - or one to tie me up so that I can type at the same time that he's fucking me)

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