Mid-Life Crisis  

rm_silkditty 66F
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6/23/2006 10:53 pm
Mid-Life Crisis

Dear Mom,

Since you left for the other side, I haven't been able to talk to you about what to do during mid-life crisis.

So, left to my own devices, I decided to post a nudie on a sleazy sex website.

I know, I was always a bit troublesome, but you loved me anyway, and just like always, you'll love me unconditionally, even if I am a bit slutty.

Nobody can tell it's me, because of the mask.

Hope you're having a good time over there. I'm so glad we found your black velvet hat and got it packed before you left.

I miss you a lot, but I'll see you in my dreams, like always.

Love, yer kid

wickedeasy 66F  
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6/24/2006 4:49 am

my mom would say "Marjorie Anne Bernadette ___________. where did you leave your brain"

and i would smile and she would shrug and we would be fine

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

ohcurious14 59M
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6/24/2006 5:28 am

I can relate to this Silk.Thanks for the reminder.

rm_magnet4u22 49F
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6/24/2006 6:15 am

I have my mom's red plaid tamoshanter beret always with me......that was her feisty side. Not sure that she would approve....but. I know she unconditionally loved me and always will.


ilsuconu 56M

6/24/2006 7:38 am

You ARE so beautiful. Thank you for showing me the rest of the art that is you.

Intensity4U 52M
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6/24/2006 1:38 pm

Hey silkditty, Sounds like your mom was cool. Had she known of it, she might have recommended this place for your mid-life crisis. Posting a nudie - who knows? But it's a sleazy sex site -what're you supposed to do?

Anyway, you're really here for the 'almost intellectual fun', right?

LabioBent 104M
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6/24/2006 6:51 pm

Mom is 93 and still very much with it!
Don't think that I'll be telling her that I posted a nudie on a sex site! Mostly because I haven't!!!!!!!!!

Anyone ever tell you, " Great legs!"


joey16022 47M
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6/25/2006 11:15 am


rm_AnOddGirl 57F
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6/25/2006 3:39 pm

I wonder what my Mum thinks of my new pics here. I hope she's loosened up over there! Though one of my favorite things she left me was a nude sculpture she had made years ago.

goboi_go 55M

6/25/2006 4:43 pm

Dear daughter,
You have made your own decisions in life, (some the hard way) and done well with them though we have not always agreed on things. It is not unlikely that I could have fell into a lifestyle much like yours if our positions were exchanged - perhaps we could have been friends, or good neighbors. I hope to think that I would be flexible enough to adapt to life away from Iowa as you have. Do ya think so?

I am watching from here and it is indeed interesting to see everything. Things become understood once you pass from the living world. It is all-encompassing, soothing and calm here. I am glad you got the hat. In my mind, I always envisioned you getting it. It is so NOT your sister.

Do not concern yourself with my view of your lifestyle. You need only follow the golden rule and be ready to answer a few questions from St. Pete on the way through the entry gates. From what I have seen, you have really become a kind, compassionate person, and should have no trouble getting admitted. Personally, I am proud that you are thriving sweetheart, the world is so intimidating these days.

Whoops, I need to get back to my harp lessons, the instructor is starting to look at me kind of funny.

Love, Mom

seek_u_topia 50M

6/25/2006 9:30 pm

Silk...what a great post! I have no doubt your mother is smiling down on you as you wrote this, realizing that you got it. You figured out that life is a one way ticket, with no opportunity to backtrack.

This post really made me smile and appreciate living. you're awesome! Thanks!

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