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3/22/2006 3:40 pm

How do you know if you're addicted to sex? Are there any guidelines?

If I'm addicted, then it's a very mild case, because I don't have sex that often. Though I have sex more frequently than most married people.

I think about it a lot. I have neglected my business at times, in favor of frolic.

My worst crime may be compulsive written regurgitation of my sexual experiences. Though I only write when something deep inside vibrates to a vivid experience. Simple friction does not warrant words.

It's all relative. My sister would be aghast at my activities, while many on AdultFriendFinder would find my experience insignificant.

But I think we can hold the Marquis de Sade up as a rule of thumb for sexual addiction. I recently read a brief biography of the man, and maintain that being arrested and thrown into jail for sexual misconduct is a good indicator of addiction. Escaping from prison and running all over Europe, yet still having orgies with the police at your heels...well, then. I'd say give twelve steps a try.

We all know excess to some degree, but the Marquis took his explorations to the very end of dark and sordid imagination. Here is an excerpt from one of his writings:

"No habit is more easily acquired than mard (excrement)-savoring; eat one, delicious, eat another, no two taste exactly alike, but all are subtle and the effect is somewhat that of an olive."


Now imagine a martini...


11/15/2006 2:49 pm

Now imagine a martini...

I guess if you don't like kissing the foul breath of a smoker there are worse forms of it they could have.

My only brush with De Sade was some film an exGF once rented which featured Joachin Phoenix as a prison priest who eventually was inspired to take on Marquis' ways.

I don't know who the actor was who played de Sade but I thought he did a great job.

I think I'll google it though because I'm curious now about both the title and who played de Sade...

It was called Quills and the actor who played deSade was Geoffrey Rush. I'd see it again.

Not sure why but I now find myself thinking of Anais Nin and Henry Miller. Must be a french erotic literature thing.


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