Henry Winkler's Kitchen  

rm_silkditty 66F
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4/27/2006 7:40 pm
Henry Winkler's Kitchen

I once worked for an art handling company that dealt with museums, galleries and wealthy people with art collections. The company moved exhibitions around the world, stored art and installed art.

This story was told to me by Freddie, who did installations.

Henry Winkler was a client. Mrs. Winkler liked to spend the Fonz's money on luncheons that would include new dishes, fabulous catering and occasionally new art that needed to be installed.

Mrs. Winkler was generous and friendly with the installation guys whenever she required their services, sharing fabulous catering with them, chatting with them.

On one luncheon occasion, Mrs. Winkler and one of her assistants noticed a gas leak in the kitchen. The gas company was immediately called in, and they tried to locate the source of the leak. Freddie and his partner helped out trying to find it, but the leak was elusive, it was time for luncheon and the art work had been installed.

Freddie and his partner left for their next job.

In the truck, Freddie's partner says, "Dude. That food was so rich, man, I farted."

Freddie had to pull the truck over to the side of the freeway, he was laughing so hard.

I do hope none of the Winkler's are on AdultFriendFinder, and yes, I am immature about fart stories.

angelofmercy5 58F
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4/27/2006 9:21 pm

That is too funny! I used to love the "Fonz"!

dankos2069 55M

4/28/2006 5:49 am

fart stories..
1)my two dogs take turns sitting under me at the computer all the time, usually the one that has gas so I have a constant flow of it while I am on the pc

2)my father, kind of senile a nursing home will get up from a chair or just walking around and let one rip and then he grabs his ass like he can stop the next one or something.

and yes,

3) while having sex with the Dutchess in a uniquely vulnerable position, she toots her horn, says "whooops" I take cover under the pillows and we're both laughing hysterically. She finishes me off orally (no real significance, thats how she wanted to do it)

dankos2069 55M

4/28/2006 6:44 pm

1. they both are girls and they constantly have gas but all they eat is Iams and, well 1/2 of everything I eat. Sometimes I can;t tell whether its my sneakers or the dog though.

2. dad's 78 and always had the walking farts.

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