my thought of sexual freedom  

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9/19/2005 3:42 pm

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my thought of sexual freedom

I think of myself as an educated black man in todays world. I have a very beautiful woman who I knows loves me by the way we talk and the things we talk about. I sit back and read the articals in magazines about the swingers and really get turned on. Just by chance my lady found one of my books and decided to read it and it in turn, turned her on. The stories about the guy sitting and watching his woman getting fucked royaly by another man. She started to ask me questions about how woould I handle a situation like that. Hummm I thought. I thought about it for a few minutes and did`nt say anything about it. But as you could imagine, I thought about it for a week, month and a couple more months before I decided to ask her, how would she feel fucking some one else in front of me. Now its my turn to wait for an answer. After a few weeks and a couple of drinks she decided to tell me how she think would feel fucking in front of me.This was about a couple of weks before we were to be married. She asked me a simple question. Did I love her? Like I said in the beggining I consider my self a well educated man who has traveled around the world and back. I procided to sit her down and to tell her jusy how much I loved her. I told her that no matter what I would always love her. She then asked, why if I loved her so much, why would I want to see her with another man? I sat down next to her and explained what I have learned in my travels. All women have a secret side to them. They always have thoughts of being with another man other than the man they are currently with. I told her that I felt that she is no different. A lot of marraiges break up because the other partner wants to go out and find some strange love. So I explained to her that, instead of sneaking off to get some strange, we as a couple would sit down and talk about it. So we came up with this paln. I knew before me and even while we were starting out in our relationship, she had this friend who she used to go out and see. I asked her if she wanted or ewver thought about being with him again? I told her not to lie and to be honest. And she did. She told me that every once and a while she thought of seeing him. So I told her to call him the weekend before we got married and to see if he was down with seeing her one last time before she got married. He was kind of suprised and the question but ready with a quick answer, yes. At first she thought it was strange but grew more comfortable with the idea of me knowing about it. They went out and got a room. I was not there but we had this plan that she would call me just before it all happened and would pretend to hang up her cell phone, but she just put it down so I could hear all that was going on. After about two hours he had to get up and go home(he is married). I called her the next day and asked her what had happened and she at first was kind of nervous but warmed up quickly and told me what had happened. She thought I would be mad but found out that would not be the case. After a fefw days went by and not talking about it, she called and told me thank you for believing in her. That she had never had a man to totally trust her the way I did and that she was more in love now then in the beggining. To all the guys reading this all I have to say is trust your woman. Sex is just a feeling. Afeeling you can get all by yourself. But when you have some ones heart, you have more than just sex. You have love. This is why I love her so much. And for you who are wondering, no I don`t need another woman. She is quite enough.

rm_purevil302 42F

10/16/2005 8:07 pm

If you have this fantastic relationship and you don't need anyone else, what are you doing here bitching about how no one wants to fuck you?
For such an "educated man", you don't make much sense.

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