Self anal adventure of a straight guy.  

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7/4/2006 7:34 pm

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Self anal adventure of a straight guy.

THIS IS NOT A FANTASY. It happened about one hour ago haha. Enjoy! No embellishment. 100% accurate.

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Well I just finished a hard 45 minute run. I basically was completely exhusted and sweaty as hell when I returned. I decided to have a cold shower and wind down.

My legs were throbbing and it hurt to stand, I hopped into the shower and while I was washing myself I ran a soapy hand around my ass...

It was so smooth and slippery, since I shave around there, that I was tempted to stick a finger in for fun.

As soon as I eased my index finger into my ass and my cock gave a little jump and started to get hard. So I started stroking with my other hand as I pushed my finger in as deep as it would go.

I started to pump it in and out, faster and faster, until I could fit my other finger in. I moved up and started to rub my prostate, the way I rub a womans g-spot.

My cock is REALLY hard by now and I'm stoking furiously with my main hand while I finger fuck my ass with my other.

Then I get to thinking, I wonder if I could get three fingers in? So I take my hand off my cock and ease my other index finger in alongside the other two and it fits. Rubbing my prostate had stretched it just enough! So I slowly put pressure until my fingers are all the way in. Then I switch it to my three fingers on my left hand and go back to stroking my throbbing cock.

After a few minutes of this, using the water as a lube for my ass, I am getting ready to cum so I take both hands and doublefist my cock until at the last minute I stick two fingers back into my ass and push up against my prostate. The extra push sends me over the edge and I cum all over the shower. I take out one finger and slowly massage my prostate with the remainding finger while stroking my still rock hard cock.

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