Anal play for him and her...  

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7/2/2006 5:43 pm

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Anal play for him and her...

I recently asked this on the discussion board for fun... feel free to read the post and comment here or on the board.

I am comfortable with myself and enjoy it. I also think it's sexy to be with a woman that is comfortable enough to try it. Remember American Pie? LOL. So do you have questions? Tips? Tricks? I'd love to hear some naughty stories too.

Here the post link: How many guys enjoy anal play on them with a girl?

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Here's the post: Personally I love a woman that's confortable enough to not only enjoy anal play herself, not just anal sex. I have cum to love having my ass fingered during a blowjob. Two fingers rubbing the prostate is awesome. For all those guys that think you have to be bi or gay, not so. I'm very straight but comfortable with others.

So my question: How many guys enjoy having anal play on themselves when they are with a woman? Or how many women know their guys like anal play?

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