What I've degenerated to.  

rm_shyinsatin 30T
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5/29/2006 10:44 pm
What I've degenerated to.

So I was pursuing something off-site with a friend of mine, which pretty much kept me off the site for the past couple of months. Things didn't quite go as planned, and I've been trolling around here again the last few days while enjoying a lack of commitment.

I've mostly been using the cyber chatroom for my fix. I've got really no intention of meeting with random people whose only goal is sex or obsession, especially with my interests, but sometimes I want some interaction. It kind of scares me a little when a guy decides that I'm the cd of his dreams and that he has to meet me because I fit the fetish he has. As much as I love my clothes, talk about unhealthy.

The experiences of course, range from fun to funny. It's mostly older guys who have any interest in me. The older ones generally know what they're doing, which is quite a plus... but the age difference can be strange. I try to avoid those too much older than me, but I've generally been impressed, unlike with the younger guys. That's the fun.

The funny is the guy who disappears without a word, watching him leap out of his seat via webcam, as some unexpected (and presumably unwanted) real life thing pulls him away. Often it seems, it's a wife. Am I a bad person for being amused at this? The alternative I suppose is to be frustrated, but honestly they owe me nothing and I owe them nothing. If they can't tell me, in detail, how they want to fuck me, at least I can have a good laugh right?

Of course the tragedy is how many unhappy, broken relationships are out there, that lead people twice my age (of either sex) to find comfort or pleasure here online. I suppose I might be one of those people, but I'm banking on a cross-country trip soon to visit several different old friends to spice up my summer.

Hello, I'm notsoshyanymoreinsatin, I enjoy long walks to the fridge for a tall glass of cold cherry coke and literate cybersex.

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