The power of a smile.....  

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10/14/2005 11:57 am

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The power of a smile.....

He's sitting on the bed as I walk into the room. He gives that smile that always makes my knees weak and makes me want to do what ever he wants. I chose to wear his favorite outfit. Thigh highs, black heals, black push up bra, and black thong panties. I can see how he pleased he is. The room is lit with candles and he places rose petals on the floor for me to walk on. I swear he thinks of everything. I walk over to the bed and crawl up in front of him on my knees. He reaches out and touches my stomach and I run my fingers in his soft hair. We both moan as I lean in for the kiss. His lips are soft and warm. I can smell his cologne. It always makes me a little heady.

He rolls me over onto my back and puts little kisses down my neck. Pausing a little to run his tongue here and there. I can feel his hands roaming around my body. First on my breasts and then traveling lower. His mouth reaches the edges of my bra and I moan a little. With one hand he pulls my breast out and starts to kiss, lick, and suck on me. I push myself into his mouth and at the same time I feel his fingers moving around my panties. I can also feel his body reacting to mine as he gets harder and more aroused.

I run my hands around his shoulders and to his back feeling his skin as he moves down my belly to lick my navel. His breath is so hot on my skin I feel like I'm on fire. I spread my legs apart to let him get a better feel. He pulls on the panties and I lift my hips to help. As the panties slide down my thighs he takes the tip of his tongue and gets a taste of me. It's electric and my body jumps at the sensation. Moaning I try to pull him down for more. He gives me the smile again and goes in for more. His mouth open on me. Tasting, feeling, feasting. He is magic.

He keeps it up until I can feel myself ready to explode. I press my pussy against him harder and just then I explode. It's amazing. The feelings keep going and going and going. As our eyes meet he smiles at me. There it is again. We kiss and I tell him its his turn.

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