My number three  

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3/17/2006 1:50 pm

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My number three

I spent the day preparing for a romantic and exciting evening. Only the best of fine food and wine . I knew how important first impressions are to a woman so therefore great attention was paid to even the smallest detail.
Thinking ahead to later on that evening and what might transpire , a romantic candlelight dinner followed by a night of mad passionate love making to a beautiful sexy woman .This was enough to start the blood gushing into my manhood which duly responded in size. Time for a quick cold shower to keep you under control, your turn will come later.
I got everything I needed fresh from the markets and some great wine from the local off licence. Back home and the preparations are well under way. The cooking is going fine and I must say the table looks great set for two .Appropriate music has been selected and ready to go on cue.
Once again my mind starts wandering to later on that evening, what will she be wearing . A tight one piece little black number would look extremely sexy , with black fishnet stockings and stilettos. If we hit it off and end up having sex I know I could really please her. I pride myself on my ability to bring a woman to multi orgasms with my oral technique . I hope she has a shaven pussy that looks great and always gets me very excited. Now I’m starting to feel horny and can feel my manhood starting to throb. Time for another quick cold shower , need to keep all these nice feelings for later.
Finally its all ready . She is due to arrive shortly. I can feel the excitement starting to build up. One final check on everything, it all looks great. The setting is better than any restaurant. Lighting the candles and starting the mood music now when the door bell rings right on time. I opened the door and there THEY were two beautiful women dressed to kill. I screwed up , asked two women out on the same date. Think fast idiot. “Come on in I’m almost finish setting the table” I said. Both of them looked a bit perplexed so I introduced them to each other. As the evening progressed things were starting to look good . The food was excellent if not stretched a bit. The wine was flowing freely and definitely hitting the right spot. The girls were getting on great laughing and joking, hands all over one and other , even the odd peck on the cheek . Then I thought , this is it . My Fantasy is about to come true. A threesome with two of the sexiest women I have ever met . My manhood was responding without control .Wow I’m feeling so excited and horny now its unreal. The waiting is over , the last of the wine is gone , its about to happen , then it did.
Both girls thank me for a lovely evening got up and left hand in hand . Cold shower number three.

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

3/17/2006 7:09 pm

LMAO - I just loved that story!

Lady Bambi

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