My first girl on girl experience  

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7/15/2005 1:22 am

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My first girl on girl experience

*Other than a few things I've changed about this story, it's practically a play by play of how it happened.....enjoy! *

*It was the summer before senior year of high school. It's been quite a while since I've thought about that fateful day.....the day I tapped into that other half of me. It's always been there. Even when I was very young I knew I was 'different'. I can't help but smile every time I think about it. Maybe I can get some of you to smile about it too.*

I'm standing at the city bus stop....thinking about that phone call; it's light and very similar to other conversations until we started playing around....then......she asked me to describe to her what I'd do with my hands, how I'd use my tongue, how I'd make her moan.....and at the end of the conversation she decided to invite me over the next day because she wanted to 'stop pretending'. We had always joked about us fooling around, but I never thought it was serious.

So on a hot Friday afternoon, standing at a bus stop, I was wondering what the h**l I was going to do. I kept thinking, What am I going to do? I've never done this before. How do I touch her? I was scared s**tless, with a capital S. I was so caught up in what I was thinking that I didn't see the guy that had just stopped and asked if I needed a ride (who I ended up f**king couple of days later....but that's another story).

So, he drops me off at her house. I stand outside for a few seconds....I felt like chickening out...but I figure, I've got several hours before her mom can take me home, since she's still at work; I don't want to walk home, I don't want to wait for the bus, since for the life of me I couldn't remember when the next's one coming by....besides she's hot, and no matter how nervous I was......I still wanted her.

So I walk up on the porch, I knock on the door, and Jamie opens the door in this...... slutty rendition of a catholic schools girl outfit: plaid skirt (quite short on her because she was at the time about 5'9" with very long legs), tight white t-shirt, and black boots that screamed 'f**k me!!' My timidness instantly turned to hunger. It was like someone just plopped this big juicy t-bone steak in front of me. She invites me in, and I'm just vibrating with......unabated need. I could kinda tell that she had been second guessing this too, because I could see the struggle in her eyes. I didn't think too much of it at the time.

I followed her to the bedroom while she was filling the air with idle chatter, and when she sat on the bed I practically lunged at her, when she said,"wait, stop....I, I....I can't do this." It took me a second to realize what she was saying. She jumped off the bed and went into the living room.

I just sat there for a moment. I went into the other room and asked,'What are you saying?'

She says,"I'm sorry, I can't go through with this. I don't know what I'm doing, I've never been with a girl before; I don't even know if I like you like that.....I mean, you're great, you're cute, you're fun to hang out with and all....."


"But this is too much Ronnie, I can't do this."

'Soo the conversation last night....'

"I know, I know, it's like I was just teasing you.....I'm really sorry....but, I just can't."

I just stood there for a few moments.....I was....I don't know.....fuming.....horny.....relieved.....confused....all at the same time.

I paced around for a little bit. I didn't know what else to do...all I knew was that if I was a guy, I'd have the worst case of blue balls ever.

Jamie looked at me like she knew that she had put me in pain.

"Ronnie, I....I'm really sorry...if I truly knew that I wouldn't be able to do it I would have never even mentioned's just....we've been such good friends and...."

'I know, I know'....a good reason why she was hesitant....this would be a dynamic shift in our friendship....did we really want to risk that? I was at a loss as to what to do...what can I really do now.....

'It's ok, I understand.' She was hesitant. 'Really, let's just forget about it, ok?'

Jamie sighed, relief filling her face. "I just didn't want you mad at me or something."

'I can't be mad at you, besides, I had doubts too; let's just watch TV or something.'

So Jamie takes off her boots and socks and pops a movie in the VCR. I sit in the middle of the floor in the living room, holding my knees against me (because honestly I was still a little wound up) and she sat in a lounge chair behind me at the far wall. I guess we felt the need to put some space between us.

After several minutes, I relax and stretch myself out on the floor and propped myself up by the elbows; the tension ebbing away.

We start talking about scenes in the movie, laughing and joking about some of the crazy characters(I think it was Monty Python maybe?) I felt that it was kind of stupid for us to be sitting so far apart and just slid closer to her chair. Nothing was going to happen anyway.

A little later on, I realize my mistake, or unconscious wise thinking, we're watching the movie, her leg brushes up against my arm, and at once it was like a hungry lion catching a scent of prey -the air shifts - I froze - I can tell she was aware of it too - I immediately became aware of her skin, her smooth porcelain like skin - her scent.....the sweet smell of the bath gel, the faint smell of her shampoo (I could tell that it wasn't that long since she's been in the shower - is that herbal essences?)

Her breathing's changed; it more....shallow, like she's waiting.....should I.....what, try something and then have her freak out again?....but then again, maybe I came on too strong earlier.....what if......

I took my arm and slowly slipped it around her leg.....she stayed very still, but didn't say anything. I stared straight ahead. I glided my fingers lightly against the top of her foot, slowly and gently caressing each toe; I moved my hand a little further up her leg - I heard her catch her breath. I moved it a little farther, massaging her leg along the the way, not looking back, focusing intently on the TV, not really seeing a damn thing, listening to her, feeling her. I lightly brush her inside thigh - a moan escapes her; she opens her legs wider for me; I close my eyes and smile, then I tense up - the air seems to shift again, and I catch another scent, a primal scent. I lightly scratch the inside of her thigh, another moan.....I breathe deep - to revel in that new scent and to keep myself from jumping right in.

I move my hand up farther and.....I stop. I'm not quite touching her yet.

She breathes,"Ronnie..."

I'm aching with need.

'No, not yet.....I need to see you....this' I remove my hand a bit and turn around expecting to torture her even further by slowly removing her underwear when I realize....she's not wearing any. I smile. I look up at her and Jamie just looks down at me while I'm kneeling in front of her and says,"Please..."

I guess she hasn't changed her mind this time.

I take my right hand and slowly begin stroking her between legs with my palm. She inhales sharply and begins to start writhing in the chair. I stand up, push her skirt further up her legs and straddle her, causing her legs to press my hand closer and harder against her. She moans louder. Her breasts are straining against her shirt as she breathes harder. I use my other hand to push her shirt up to free them. I slow down stroking her......I don't want her there yet. Her nipples are so inviting.....begging to be licked. I move my hand up to caress between her breasts, then move my hand over her right breast, giving the nipple the barest of touches, while she's gripping the arms of the chair. I straighten up to look at her beautiful face, her reddish brown hair,.....her lips. I kiss her, slowly enjoy the taste, my tongue sliding in mingling with hers, I catch her tongue and as I lightly bite down on it, I also pinch her nipple gently while continuing to move the hand below......she whimpers.....I can feel the slickness between my legs......I can barely contain myself. I move my right leg so that my knee is between her legs opening her wider....I can feel the wetness on my right hand....but I haven't even.....I moan.....she's shifted so that her right leg is grinding against me......I break off the kiss......I move to her left nipple and lightly begin to lick it......she grinds harder. I move over to her right nipple and begin to suck on it as I rub harder.

Her hand is moving up the insides of my shorts (thank god they're loose)....I'm not going to be able to hold on much longer.

"Ronnie.....please.....I need......"

'.......I know'

I take my two fingers and as I enter her she enters me simultaneously.......We both moan aloud as both move against each other bodies.......I grab her hair and kiss her forcefully........We explore each other's mouths more and more feverishly as we began to get closer and closer to the breaking point........She grips my arm.......I bite her builds and builds until........she breaks free from my mouth and writhes beneath me, moaning my name as we cum together.

We sit there for several minutes as we both catch our breath.....dripping in sweat and other things.....I look into her beautiful hazel eyes and we begin to laugh a little......there wasn't much to say? But there was something I thought to myself:

I'm glad I'd brought an extra pair of shorts.

firsttimeshyone 44F
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7/15/2005 5:53 am

wow can almost taste it

rm_shortsweet98 36F
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7/15/2005 10:11 am

first time shy....I'm glad you enjoyed it.....I've got some other stories from my high school days that I might post. The things that I did during those years appeal to me most because I was so young and inexperienced....but I was always a quick study.

AxiteReichCunni 45M
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8/14/2005 6:31 pm

Wow, did this really happen or is it a fantasy? Eitherway I enjoyed it! My D**k got harder than steel pole, it is just too bad you wern't here to assist in relief!

Did you and this sweety do anything else that day or any other time? Did her mother come home while the two of you were cumming? Thanx

rm_shortsweet98 36F
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8/16/2005 11:10 pm

Blackbull......this is indeed about the beginnings of my on-again, off-again sexual relationship with a friend of mine. During this episode, her mom did not come home until well after it happened. However, her mom did catch us at another time.....that was really awkward....maybe I'll tell that story another time.

sunnyskies_et 41F
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12/28/2005 6:53 am

Wow!!! wish I'd been there

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