aaaahhhh men delightful some of them  

rm_shortstack69 57F
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5/21/2006 6:54 pm

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5/29/2007 6:31 pm

aaaahhhh men delightful some of them

So I ment a interesting man the other day, very nice but, as i spent more time talking to him i found him very interesting. Because you see i am very picky about the men i assoait with , not to say that all are bad or other wise, i think that for me a man needs to stimulate my mind and the rest follows,I dont believe that i am a bad person, i try to keep life exciting and enjoy what life gives me i am for the most part very logical in my thinking, and most should know that the mind is a useful toy one way or the other.So with that thought i will say this men for the general part they play in life can be so sweet an cute, do have it in them to carry on a great conversation, if they woudl think with the head on there shoulder s and not the other one gigglin!!!!!But one thing for suur i do have hope for them, they can be such darlings and soem can even kiss great tooo wowzers !!!!!

Shelly_Marie 43F

5/21/2006 7:51 pm

yep, there are a few of them out there....hiding in the nooks and crannies. wish they would come out and play once in a

blue061245 70M
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5/22/2006 3:40 pm

Hi Shortstack

Nothing wrong with a little kiss here and there - especially there. I wonder how you would evaluate my kissing skills? Of course, that could only happen if we got together.

Satisfyinglovr 58M
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2/7/2007 8:31 pm

I'd love to be stimulating your mind - amongst many things. Have a look at my blog - see if that is the start of the stimulation process.

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