The Meeting  

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8/25/2005 2:00 pm

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The Meeting

I met a new friend for dinner one evening. The raw excitement of meeting someone new that I was very attracted to was almost overwhelming. My dress was short. My stockings were thigh-highs with garters. Silk blouse cut low enough to show off my assets I was dressed to dazzle and felt like I was really shining.

Walking into the establishment I wondered if I was the first one there. Glancing over the patrons I realized I was. I took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink to calm my nerves. My back to the door, I continued to watch the people coming and going through the mirror behind the bar. Suddenly, he appeared. He didn't realize I had seen him. He waltzed over to me and said, "Tracie?" I spun on the stool and met his glance as I raised my hand for him to shake it. He took my hand and softly kissed the back of it, "it's a pleasure to finally meet you." Ah, a perfect gentlement. I almost creamed right there. He suggested we sit at the corner table and as I slid down from the stool he placed his hand on the small of my back then slipped it down onto my ass for a nice grope.

Sitting at the table I slipped off my sandal and began to massage his leg under the table with my toes. He reached down and pulled my foot up to his groin so I could feel his erection. We played under the table for a while until the waiter came to take our drink order. After he left I reached down and gently tugged my skirt up, just high enough to get my finger to my already wet pussy. After playing with my clit for a while I drew my finger up to my mouth and rubbed my lips. I leaned over the table and met his lips with mine. He licked the sweet nectar of my pussy from my lips and then parted them with his tongue and wrapped his hand around the back of my head, pulling me closer to him for a very passionate kiss. I could feel the stares of the other patrons and I pulled away. I circled my wet lips with my finger to wipe away the lingering kiss and looked deep into his eyes and smiled. He chuckled and said, “We’re going to have a lot of fun tonight.” With that, the waiter returned and took our order.

After some very erotic dinner conversation we paid the tab and walked outside. The warm summer night air blew across my erect nipples and sent a shiver down through me. He said, “You want to go back to my place?” I told him I would follow him.

Once we arrived at his apartment, he turned and went behind me to lock the door. The snap of the lock startled me. As I turned to face him, he grabbed me by the arms and forcefully kissed me. My arms behind my back I was defenseless. Soon he released one arm and I managed to get it under his shirt to feel his rock hard chest. He pulled my hair and my head was forced back. His massive hands massaged my body as I explored his arms and chest. My hand wandered down to his jeans. Rubbing his erection I slowly unbuttoned his jeans and began to drop to my knees, sliding my hands down his sides, pulling his jeans as I knelt down. Lucky for me he wasn’t wearing any underwear. He knew I liked it commando. His erection lurched out of his jeans and my mouth caught it. Quickly encircling the tip of his cock I slid my mouth around the width of it and went down on him a little. My mouth salivated with the anticipation of more. His cock became slippery and slid deeper into my throat with each gulp. Soon my face was pounding against his groin with his hands on my head. My eyes were watering and burning from damn near choking to death. What better way to go I thought. His hand forced me further and further down on him. As I worked his cock I quickly unfastened my skirt and wriggled out of it. With only his hard cock in my mouth I freed my hands and removed my blouse. I buried my face and stayed there. His cock was throbbing deep within my throat. I moaned and he moved his hands to my shoulders to balance himself. Slowly I released his cock and then plunged down on him again. I just couldn’t get enough. I absolutely love to have a nice hard cock half way down my throat, choking me. With each gag I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I was fingering my clit. I raised my hand up to him and he licked my juices from it. He savored it and asked for me. He pushed me back onto the couch and spread my legs. Slowly he parted my pussy lips with his tongue and then the warmth of his tongue against my clit sent a rush of warm ecstasy through my body. He worked my pussy over good with his tongue. My hands continued to pull him closer. He began to finger fuck me. One finger, then two and then three. Biting my clit he rammed his fingers inside me until he was almost fisting me. I wanted to cum so bad but held back. He continued rolling my clit between his lips as his fingers worked my dripping wet pussy. Finally, I had no choice. He had brought me to the point of no return. My back arched, I released ‒ screamed ‒ yes!!!! Oh baby. Fuck me!

With that he knelt up on his knees and rammed his cock inside of me. I’m used to guys just going slow at first so it took me totally off guard when he just rammed it in. God did it feel good. My legs spread eagle on the couch, garter and hose still on. He rammed me hard and fast. I put my legs up on his shoulders and swear I felt his cock in my stomach. He was so huge! Faster and faster, we were both breathing heavily. He smacked my ass as it rose up off the sofa with each thrust. I pulled at my own tits and pinched my nipples. He manhandled me and within minutes he had turned me over and kneeling against the couch. His cock slipped out but was buried deep within me within seconds. My face was buried in the sofa cushions when he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. Ramming his hard cock deep into my pussy with each thrust I was about to cum again. My hand reached down to find my throbbing clit. I could feel my muscles quivering deep inside. His cock pushing against them, they constricted and I released my cum. Moaning, almost screaming in ecstasy. As the waves rushed through me, my body became weak.

I turned to face him and he graciously offered his cock to my mouth. Open wide my mouth met his cock with the warm juices of my cum dripping from it. I licked it up and sucked him hard and fast. My back against the sofa and him somewhat standing/kneeling in front of me, I pulled him closer to me by reaching around to his tight ass and forcing him closer. His cock ramming against my throat he fucked my mouth with the same verosity he had shown to my pussy. He tried to push away a bit signaling he was about to cum. I pulled him closer. I wanted to taste him. I need to fell the warm cum in my mouth and throat. His head leaned back and he moaned loudly as I began to hum with his cock deep in my throat. He exploded his cream deep in my throat and my mouth filled with his love juice as I continued to work on his shaft. His rhythm slowed and I continued to suck him until small burst from his orgasm was complete. He pulled his cock from my mouth as I seductively grinned up at him, cum drizzled across my chin. Never losing eye contact, my fingers which had been working my own clit were raised to my mouth and with my wet finger slipped the rest of his cum from my face into my mouth savoring every drop. With a devilish grin he chuckled and shook his head as he turned to lie down across the floor and rest. We both lay there for a while, enjoying the completeness of a good fuck. Briefly we talked about nothing in particular. Our friendship was unique that way.

I was soon on my knees again, making my way between his legs. Slowly I licked my way up to his balls, still sticky with cum. I licked and sucked them gently. His limp, lifeless cock twitched when I swallowed one of his balls. Then, without warned I swallowed his entire cock in deep. Sucking but not moving I could feel his cock growing in my mouth. I was ready for round two and I was going to do whatever I needed to in order to be satisfied, again. It’s never enough!

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9/6/2005 3:30 pm


here_in_dc63 49M
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12/29/2005 1:12 pm

Hi there Tracie. What intense experience. A woman a sexy and insatiable as you is so good to find. I'd love to meet you and have a similar experience with you myself. I think one major difference would be that I'd like to be the guy who ultimately fists your pussy completely...making your pussy totally engulf my hand completely full.

rm_shilo322 44F

3/2/2006 4:34 pm

    Quoting here_in_dc63:
    Hi there Tracie. What intense experience. A woman a sexy and insatiable as you is so good to find. I'd love to meet you and have a similar experience with you myself. I think one major difference would be that I'd like to be the guy who ultimately fists your pussy completely...making your pussy totally engulf my hand completely full.
Bring it on baby!!! It's been so long since I've met a "REAL" man....real in so many ways. Real wild, real dominant and real passionate. Mmmm I love a real man!

DoomsAstirGutty 42M

3/2/2006 7:45 pm

Your husband is either very permissive or he's cheating on you already. What's he on, heroin? How could you not be turning him on. I like porn as much as the next guy, o.k., maybe not QUITE as much, but I'd rather see you in that teddy with stories like this than see any of these girls' "money shots". xoxooxoxoxoxox

rm_shilo322 44F

3/7/2006 1:50 am

Thanks so much for the kind words JohnDoh. I wish I knew the reason hubby wasn't interested in sex. At least then, maybe I'd have a chance in hell of fixing it. Alas, I'm destined to paruse the ads on AdultFriendFinder looking for that special someone that may fill the void.

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