Oh My Goddess!  

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7/10/2006 1:48 am

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Oh My Goddess!

I had only dabbled with my bisexuality when I agreed to a threesome. There was something about the woman who approached me that I trusted ‒ implicitly and immediately. I didn’t give a second thought to the long drive south for what sounded like a delicious experiment.

I had shared my double-dong fantasy and she was game. She even had one ready and waiting. I was very much in the mood to be “led” which for a control freak like me is significant. Even after spending a considerable amount of time chatting and getting to know each other, there was that moment of hesitation when old boundaries and inhibitions tried to reassert themselves. But a few minutes with our breasts exposed watching her boyfriend make his dick dance to the disco was just the ticket. I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face, despite my temporary loss for words.

After the floor show and a bit of touching, we adjourned to the bedroom. I was already wet from the playful prelude as it was, but two eager mouths on my nipples took me immediately to dripping. The anticipation alone made me light-headed when I saw her unwrapping the dong. “God, I hope this feels as good as it looks!” I secretly prayed. I remember her putting it into me, deeper and deeper. I recall feeling it wiggle and push as she mounted the other end and brought her pussy close to mine. I wanted to sit up and watch, but couldn’t leave the attention her boyfriend was giving my tits. She had told me he knew what he was doing and she didn’t lie. I know I start grinding my hips like crazy trying to get closer and closer to her when she hit my clit with her favorite toy. I have never cum so hard, so fast, so often in my entire life! I was lost. There was no time or space where she sent me. The rest of it comes in flashes: Is that a clothes pin on my nipple? My hands being gently guided into straps and fastened to corners of the bed -- Whoa! Didn’t think I’d ever go there, but there was no resistance in me. Moreover, no fear. I belonged to them completely.

She had me coming for the umpteenth time when I found her boyfriend’s cock in my mouth. I have always enjoyed oral, but never as much as at that moment. My belief had always been that I would find it distracting, but such was not the case at all. I was grateful for it, like I was getting something instead of giving. My mind was being fucked as completely as my body and I loved every moment. I remember thinking I was coming back down for the last time when I heard her low moans. My cunt throbbed at the sound of her. It had been all about me until then and a moment of guilt briefly crept in. I could feel her thrust against me, using her mighty toy for her own satisfaction now and I had one last sweet orgasm with her. My hair and body wringing wet, I finally begged for mercy.

Still dazed and disoriented by a level of satisfaction I had not even dared dream of, another new and wonderful experience still awaited. It was his turn. She climbed on top of him, as I played with his nipples, twisting them and watching him writhe into her pussy. I joined in with her verbal coaxing, and almost came again at the moment he reared up and shot his hot load into her.

That was a week ago and the memory of it alone still brings me to the edge. “Oh my goddess! I can’t wait to suck your pussy when he fucks you next time!”

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9/9/2006 5:34 am

How does one really accomplish things?
Teamwork. *smiling*

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