Fantasies Revealed 1  

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7/9/2006 12:05 pm

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Fantasies Revealed 1

One of the aspects I am finding most difficult about my newly discovered bisexuality is relaying fantasies. I have this moment, sometimes to a debilitating level, where I truly believe that what I’m thinking is so terribly strange that I’ll offend even my “sex site” friends. So this is what I’ve decided to do. I’m going to post them in my blog and await comments. Many are typical and covered by even main stream porn, but I am going to attempt not to discriminate or over edit. Here goes…

I’m in the locker room with my team mates. We’ve just played an exhausting game, but are giddy with victory. I hurry to my locker and grab my shower supplies while the rest of the girls are still celebrating. I’ve always been a little self-conscious around them for fear they would catch me looking too long or wantonly at their bodies. I would die if they ever knew the things I thought in secret -- how watching them scurry around in naked packs, seeing their nipples pinch into erections from accidental contact made my pussy so wet I was sure it would drip down my leg and give me away.

So I was always the first to break away and get to the shower. The sooner I got dressed, the sooner I could get out without detection. But today was different. As I tilted my head back to rinse out the shampoo, I felt this strange sensation of being watched followed by the realization that the locker room had gone quiet. A moment of panic hit me and I was afraid to open my eyes. Sure enough, as I did, I saw a group huddled together and whispering. One or two faces would look over at me, then turn and whisper again.

I turned my back to them and thought frantically about what to do next. It seemed like whole minutes were bounding by as I stood there in the water’s spray. I could feel them approaching and wanted to burst into to tears when I felt a hand reach to my breast, cup it gently and pinch my nipple; then another hand dove into my slit and pulled me back against her body. “Your right, Beth,” I heard Trina say, “Her pussy is dripping wet.” “I think it’s time for her to join the club,” Beth concluded. And with that edict, I am turned around to greet my team mates face-to-face. One starts sucking my left breast, while Beth continues playing with my right. Trina is still fingering my clit but now running her finger back to penetrate my vagina. There are hands and tongues everywhere caressing my ass, kissing my mouth, neck, thighs and shoulders. I am engulfed and my knees are weakening from the overpowering sense of pleasure. As if collectively sensing my reaction, I am pulled to the nearest bench and coaxed to lie down. Trina takes the opportunity to dive into my cunt with her tongue and begins sucking on my clit. My mind is bouncing thoughts around wildly.

Now writhing in ecstasy I feel something begin to penetrate my vagina. It feels cold and big. A faint essence of fear creeps in as I try to break free from the deep kisses and fists full of hair holding me prone and open. My legs try to pull closed in objection, but hands quickly thwart my attempts.

“What are you putting inside of me?” I finally gasp. Without explanation Beth caresses my face, “You’re fine,” she reassures, “trust us.” The once cold cylinder now warming from the heat of my own body is being pulled and pushed at such a perfect metronomic rhythm I can only swoon back to compliance. Trina is riding my bucking pussy like a rodeo champion and I’m climbing higher than I’d ever been. Torn between the desire to release into the most satisfying orgasm of my life and wanting this pleasure to last forever, I here a command I cannot ignore, “That’s a good girl. Cum for us.” Not sure whether I am screaming or crying, I give in to a chorus of “that’a girl,” “keep cumin’,” and “oh, yea.” My back arches and the walls of my cunt spasm in hard thrusts against the cylinder penetrating it. My pelvis quivers and bolts with aftershocks as I feel the cum start to trickle around the outsides of cylinder down the cheeks of my ass.

As the ride comes to a complete stop, Trina is still nibbling and licking my clit, though more gently and playfully now. The cum-soaked cylinder is slowly drawn out of me, eliciting yet another set of quivering aftershocks, and I discover it was my very own curling iron. Barely able to catch my breath, Trina climbs on top of me and starts rubbing her hard clit against mine, dropping her heavy breasts in my face to suck on and I realize: they are far from done with me.

SirMounts 102M

7/10/2006 12:37 am

Why, you have a wonderful imagination, and a fine style of writing.
A very warm welcome to blogging, shelby. *smiling*

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